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Fixing Our Community Survey


We are asking you to participate in a short community survey, that will help us to make the Department of Transportation (DOT) aware of the needs of our community.

If there are needs for:

  • Better roads on your street
  • A speed bump
  • Street Signs / Street Lights
  • Traffic Lights

We want to know!

If you have already called to make a request to 311, please include the 311 request # or the DOT request # in the survey.

My office is here to serve you and I want to make sure that our streets, lights, traffic lights, etc. in our neighborhood are functional and safe.

Please mail your survey response or feel free to drop it off at our office, 1312 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Roads & Sidewalks

Street Lights

Street Signs

Speed Bumps (Humps)

Traffic Light

Please name the main street and cross streets that correspond with your issue
Please describe the issue you would like addressed
Additional Comments
If you have previously made a request to 311, please include the 311 Request # or the DOT Request #
For any issue that needs a more immediate response, please call 311 or contact the DOT online: