Castorina Questions Governor’s Claims of $4.4 Billion Deficit

January 18, 2018

Assemblyman Ron Castorina Jr. (R,C,I,Ref-South Shore) weighed in on Gov. Cuomo’s budget presentation today, where the Governor announced that the state faces a projected $4.4 billion deficit. He cites an economic missile coming for New York launched by Washington through tax reform, alongside a health care industry threatened by federal cuts. The Governor proposed overhauling our tax system in New York to avoid the coming Washington missile.

“The Governor’s $4.4 billion deficit estimate does not account for the adherence to his administration’s two percent cap on increased government spending. With adherence to this goal, combined with the unexpected early tax filings ahead of the federal tax overhaul, more realistic estimates make me question the validity of our state having a deficit at all. In fact, it appears as if there might actually be a surplus of about $200 million. Unfortunately, the Governor uses this number to frame the federal government as enemies of our state. While I support reforming New York State’s tax system, I only support changes that would enhance New York’s ability to attract business and that would benefit the average New Yorker,” said Assemblyman Ron Castorina.