Results of Constituent Survey by Assemblywoman Sandy Galef

State Assemblywoman Sandy Galef (90 A.D.) today released the results of her legislative constituent survey dealing with eliminating junk foods from schools, funding of public schools, drowsy driving, and banning smoking in the workplace. Galef surveyed her constituents in her last newsletter and obtained the following results:

  • 95% said "yes" non-nutritious foods and drinks should be eliminated from schools. The Assemblywoman is working on legislation that would call for a ban of all junk food from school vending machines and is creating a task force to work on the issue.
  • 83% said "yes" we should fund public schools by state income taxes and not by local property taxes. Galef is looking at shifting the costs of bus transportation and special education onto the state income tax and lifting the burden from the local school district and its taxpayers.
  • 62% said "yes" there should be penalties for drowsy driving as the cause of an accident. Galef will re-introduce her bill in 2003 which calls for penalties against drowsy drivers who are in accidents.
  • 78% said "yes" there should be a state law banning smoking in the workplace. The Assemblywoman has legislation to ban smoking in the legislative office building where she works in Albany. She is also a co-sponsor of other legislation calling for workplace smoking bans.
Assemblywoman Galef commented that "I really value the input from my constituents on these issues and others that come before us as we consider bills in Albany. The surveys are part of my regular newsletters and are a great way for me to learn how people feel about important topics. " For those who would like to discuss these or other issues, contact the office of Assemblywoman Sandy Galef at 914-941-1111.