Winter 2019 Constituent Questionnaire

January 7, 2019

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A bill is being deliberated that would allow an undocumented immigrant to obtain a driverís license after passing a driverís test. The sole purpose of this license would be for driving and making our roads safer, but would have no impact on immigration status. Would you support such a bill?

Recreational marijuana is often linked to reforming laws relating to criminal offenses and incarceration. Which of the following, if any, would you support?

The Governor has proposed implementing congestion pricing in New York City. Congestion pricing legislation requires drivers to pay a surcharge per trip to enter certain heavily-trafficked zones as a means of generating revenue for critical infrastructure projects. Would you support this measure?

New York State is considering a law that would establish public financing of campaigns. This would allow candidates to accept public money for his or her campaign in exchange for a commitment to limit both how much the candidate spends on the election and how much they receive in donations from any one group or individual. Would you support a bill that uses public financing for elections?

Would you support a bill that would prevent individuals from purchasing or possessing any type of firearm if a court has determined them to have the potential to cause themselves or others serious harm? This is triggered by a report from family, friends, or the police that there is an imminent threat to them and those around them.

Under New York State law, registered voters who want to join a political party or change their party affiliation must submit a new voter registration form at least 25 days before the general election the year before the primary. For example, to change party enrollment for a primary in 2019, a new voter registration form must have been received by October 2018. Would you support a bill that changes that deadline to a later date?

Currently, only registered members of a political party can participate in party primaries. Would you support a bill that would allow any registered voter to participate in party primaries of his or her choice?

As we begin to formulate the budget, are there any special priorities you would like the Assembly to focus on?