Joint Statement from Senator Felder, Assemblyman Eichenstein, and Councilman Yeger

"Individually, each of us exhausted every avenue of diplomacy in our effort to open our playgrounds for the families and children in our city. We advocated sincerely and respectfully, hoping for a willing partner. On Sunday we stood here together, surrounded by children and families suffering under an inequitable, nonsensical policy, as they made a heartfelt plea. For the last time, we urged the Mayor to open these gates and clearly stated our intention to unlock them and rightfully return the parks to the children. The people have spoken and they are sick and tired of being ignored. With everything going on in the world, why is our Mayor intent on making criminals of mothers and children in need of a safe space to play? If they lock these gates, we will cut them open again tomorrow, because we serve the people. Who do you serve, Mr. Mayor?"