Read Bi-Partisan Letter to Governor Cuomo in Support of Signing A-7722B/S-6157B to Preserve over 1000 Acres of Environmentally-Sensitive Woodlands in Shoreham and Mastic

October 31, 2017

The Honorable Andrew Cuomo
State of New York
Executive Cham-ber
Albany, New York 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We are writing as bi-partisan supporters of your signing S-6157B and A-7722B, legislation to pre-serve more than a1000 acres of environmentally-sensitive woodlands in Shoreham and Mastic. They would be added to the Core Preservation Area of the Long Island Pine Barrens. Most Long Islanders agree that destroying forests for solar is like saying we have to destroy the environment to save it.

The Long Island Pine Barrens preserve was created in 1993 and over the ensuing years has pro-tected and preserved over 53,000 acres of core area in Suffolk County. Preserving these acres stemmed the tide of decline in water quality and marked the beginning of a recovery that continues today. The two properties that are the subject of this legislation represent significant prime ecological and water shed acreage and should be added to the preserve. This bill represents the continuing march to fulfill the purposes of the proponents of the original legislation

We need not choose between forests and solar energy Ė we can have both. We can site solar in many places, but we canít move our dwindling forests. Letís continue your fatherís legacy by continuing to protect the Long Island Pine Barrens. Please sign the Pine Barrens Expansion Bill, right away.


Kenneth LaValle
New York State Senator

Steven Englebright
New York State Assemblyman

Edward Romaine
Brookhaven Town Supervisor