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June 20, 2018
"The state legislature sets the format of state government. It's up to the governor to present a budget which accommodates the format the state legislature sets up. Therefore, when we pass this legislation, the governor is constrained to present a budget next year, which will be effective on April 1, which puts into effect this provision. I think this legislature ought to be doing more of this, telling the governor what we believe should be the format of government and we want him to come back with a budget to comply with what we have told him," said Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti, who voted in favor of legislation that would  require 85 percent of the proceeds from the sale of any property used, operated or maintained by OPWDD to be used for state-operated residential services or state-operated community-based services. (A.10951)

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Watch live video footage of the Westchester Assembly Delegation's Budget Hearing on the proposed 2017 NYS Budget.