Assemblyman Mosley on Plastic Bag Task Force

December 11, 2017

“Following the vote by the State Assembly to prevent a plastic bag fee from taking effect in New York City, Governor Cuomo set up a Plastic Bag Task Force to combat the rampant use of plastic bags and the waste they cause. According to the State Department of Environmental Conservation, 23 billion plastic bags are used annually, and only around 1% are recycled.

Instead of a fee that will disproportionately punish low-income New Yorkers, including many families in my district, the task force discussed a total ban on plastic bags. A full ban on plastic bags will ensure that our environment is protected without placing a financial burden on families.

While the task force has not made any final recommendations I am glad to see that they are moving away from punitive fees, and towards widespread change that will benefit the entire state. I look forward to what the task force will recommend, along with our entire state moving forward together towards a cleaner and greener environment,” said Assemblyman Walter Mosley.