Assemblyman Mosley: Deeply Cruel and Inhumane Family Separation Policy Needs to End Immediately

June 20, 2018

“The images and news reports have brought tears to our eyes – and our blood to a boil. We’ve seen crying children separated from their parents and housed in abandoned stores with no one there to hold them and tell them that everything will be OK. We’ve heard their piercing wails as they beg the authorities to reunite them with their mom and dad. For these kids, the confusion and loneliness and the aching for their family must be unbearable, especially when they are sleeping on the floor on thin mattresses in a strange place hundreds of miles from home.

“It’s hard to believe this is happening right here in America, but it is thanks to the federal government’s unconscionable and deeply disturbing family separation policy. It’s a new low for this morally bankrupt administration, and it’s a policy that evokes memories of the evils of the past.

“Our country is a nation of immigrants, and I reject any attempt to crack down on desperate people fleeing unimaginable circumstances who are trying to save their families’ lives. President Trump’s heartless policy is an embarrassing stain on America. Despite the best efforts of the President and his mouthpieces, there are no excuses for the inexcusable, no arguments to support or explain away such abject cruelty.

“We cannot sit by and allow this horrific practice to continue. We must speak out and demand action. This nation is supposed to be a beacon of hope. Instead, the government is ripping children out of the arms of their parents. This is an immoral policy based on hate, fear and lies. End. It. Now.” said Assemblyman Walter Mosley.