Barclay Reminds Pistol Permit Holders to Recertify Firearm Permits

December 21, 2017

Today, Assemblyman Will Barclay (R,C,I,Ref-Pulaski) reminded those with pistol permits to recertify their firearms. The SAFE Act requires all pistol owners to recertify their pistol permits 5 years after the date their license was issued. If your pistol permit was issued prior to January 15, 2013, you must recertify your permit before January 31, 2018. If your permit was issued on or prior to January 15, 2013, the deadline to recertify is five years after the date the permit was issued. Permit holders are responsible for having their permits certified and up-to-date and failure to do so will result in it being revoked.

“This will be the first year that the law requires its permit holders to recertify their permits, and to avoid revocation, it’s important that everyone complies with these regulations,” said Barclay. “Those with a pistol permit should have received a letter informing them to recertify their permits, but many residents may be unaware of the upcoming deadline so I encourage everyone to spread the word to minimize the number of revoked permits.”

Last January, State Police mailed approximately 350,000 letters statewide to remind pistol owners of the new recertification requirement, and according to recent media reports, only 175,000 have responded to that letter. If you are a New York state pistol permit holder and need to recertify your permit or would like more information, please visit the New York State Trooper Website at There is no charge to recertify. For frequently asked questions on this requirement, visit