Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou Statement Opposing Family Separation Practices

New York, NY – Today, immigration advocates led a rally at Foley Square in support of Xin Qing You, a husband and father of two who was arrested and detained by I.C.E agents in the middle of his green card interview. In response, Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou stated:

“Yesterday was Father’s Day, and Xiu Qing You, a husband and loving father of two young children spent it at a detention center in New Jersey. Why? Because during an interview to obtain a green card, I.C.E agents arrested him. Mr. You was trying to do the right thing -- he was navigating the system in order to secure his status, and still, he was separated from his wife and children and could be deported back to China at any time. Mr. You has lived in this country for 20-years, and this is his home.

“Unfortunately, countless families across our nation are experiencing this type of separation. This policy, this practice of tearing families apart is cruel and unjust, and I will not resort to suffering in silence and neither should anyone who wants to put a stop to family separation. It is wrong to say that it is it the only way to enforce the law. This Administration has made a very wrong choice, and now families like Mr. You’s are suffering. Our entire nation is suffering.

“What has this President and this Administration done to the American Dream? They’ve made a mockery of it, broadcasting to the world that American is no longer a place where you can build a new and better life for your family. But as long as people rise up and fight for what is just, the American Dream will always survive. As an immigrant, a New Yorker, and as a New York State Assemblymember, I stand in support of Mr. You and his family. I demand for his release, and will keep fighting for an end to this heartless and immoral policy.”