A/M Yuh-Line Niou Responds to Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Trump Travel Ban

New York - Today, The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to President Trump’s September 2017 travel ban. By a vote of 5-4, the divided court upheld the Trump travel ban, which imposes serious immigration restrictions for citizens of eight countries trying to enter the United States. Central to the controversy is the fact that most of these countries are predominantly Muslim. In response, Assemblymember Niou stated:

“I am deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court failed to recognize the discriminatory nature of the Trump travel ban. The Trump Travel ban is a hostile policy motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment that further alienates and harms innocent Muslim families and individuals and Muslim-Americans.

“We’ve been here before. 75 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled on the Korematsu case, and ultimately ruled that the exclusion order, which entailed forced relocation of Japanese Americans to internment camps and restricted the rights of Americans of Japanese descent, was lawful. It is regrettable that the majority, in its opinion, recognizes the grave mistake the Supreme Court made ruling in favor of the 1944 exclusion order, yet claims that Korematsu has nothing to do with the Trump travel ban. It has everything to do with the Trump travel ban, and it is disgraceful that our country will allow the President and this Administration to, once again, villainize an entire group of people based on their race and religion.

“I pledge to continue fighting the Trump travel ban and help to ensure that New York State remains a bulwark against hateful and discriminatory policies.”