McDonough Renews Call for State to Repeal Gas Taxes


At a press conference held today in Albany, Assemblyman David McDonough renewed his call that the State immediately enact legislation to repeal taxes on gasoline this summer. Specifically, the plan will provide motorists with a savings of at least 32 cents per gallon on gasoline (35 cents on diesel fuel).

"The cost of living in our state is simply too high, especially when it comes to the everyday concerns of New Yorkers, such as the cost of gasoline. It is outrageous that our state is the most expensive place in the Northeast to purchase motor fuel. If other states have successfully adopted similar plans, there is no reason why New York State cannot do the same thing. We need tax relief and we need it now," said the Assemblyman.


McDonough is a co-sponsor of the legislation, which has gained the support of the entire Assembly Minority Conference as well as organizations such as the Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association and the National Federation of Independent Business, our state's leading small business advocacy organization. Specifically, the bill will repeal three of the state's taxes on gasoline: the 8-cent sales tax, the 8-cent motor fuel tax, and the 16-cent Petroleum Business Tax. Combined, these taxes will save motorists 32 cents per gallon for an estimated total of a $500 million statewide tax savings.