photo Priest and Worshiper Shot Dead At Morning Mass on Long Island
A Long Island priest standing near the altar during the morning mass was fatally shot yesterday by a man who strode through the main door, pulled a rifle out from under his raincoat and fired at least six shots, also killing a woman in the congregation, the police said.

New York Times, March 13, 2002

photo In the wake of the shooting of Father Larry at Our Lady of Peace in 2002 and the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, Assemblyman Barra fought to make sure that those with dangerous mental illnesses CANNOT PURCHASE FIREARMS!

Assemblyman Barra Fighting for the
Passage of “Father Larry’s Law”


Police Say Suspect In Church Killings Kept a ‘Lynbrook Death List’

He walked around college hunched over, wearing a Sherlock Holmes-style hat with the flaps down. He slept with his shoes on, yelled while alone in his room, and walked repeatedly out to his car and back again.

And he kept a ‘’Lynbrook Church Death List’’ in his room, the police said yesterday.

The list of 24 names was one of only a few details the authorities disclosed about Peter J. Troy, a sporadic college student who they said walked into morning Mass on Tuesday at a Roman Catholic Church on Long Island, pulled a .22-caliber rifle from under his raincoat and fatally shot the Rev. Lawrence M. Penzes, 50, and Eileen Tosner, 73.

New York Times, March 14, 2002

Dear Neighbor,

Since 2002, I have been on a personal mission to secure the passage of legislation that will stop individuals with a history of potentially dangerous mental illness from purchasing a firearm. I was the first to introduce this legislation after the murder of Fr. Larry Penzes and Eileen Tosner during mass at Our Lady of Peace Church in Lynbrook in 2002. The shooter, Peter Troy, had an extensive, documented history of mental illness, but was still able to purchase a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle.


I am proud to bring this common-sense, life-saving legislation to a vote. Our citizens deserve to live in safety and without fear of harm from individuals who are known to be potentially violent.

Assemblyman Bob Barra

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