Reports to
the People

Fall 2004


Keeps Close Tabs On Proposed Marine Transfer Station

Assemblyman Colton is celebrating the announcement of the long-awaited demolition of the Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator. Before being elected to the NYS Assembly, Colton was very instrumental in the successful community fight to close the incinerator.

Assemblyman Colton has now turned his attention to the new marine transfer station that the Department of Sanitation is proposing for the old incinerator site. The Assemblyman is outraged that the public meeting to inform residents about the proposal was held so far from affected residents. Therefore he is alerting those in the area to the possible impact on their quality of life.

“There are concerns the Department of Sanitation must address,” said Assemblyman Colton. “Since this site has been proposed for containerization of garbage, the department must show how this will affect our quality of life.”

There are concerns about noise and odor coming from the containerization process, as well as an increase in truck traffic and the amount of garbage to be processed at this facility. Assemblyman Colton is demanding that the Department of Sanitation hold meetings closer to residents most affected by the transfer station. Colton will continue to monitor the process and keep residents informed.

“I intend to ensure that this facility will not negatively impact the lives of the residents in the neighborhood,” said Colton. “I will continue to monitor this proposed transfer station very closely and protect the quality of life of my constituents.”

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Please take a moment to make me aware of any concerns you may have on the proposed marine transfer station, on over development or on any other quality of life concern. Return your comments to:

Assemblyman Bill Colton, 211 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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Assemblyman Colton Leads Campaign to Save Residential Areas From Overdevelopment

Assemblyman Colton has been working to get the zoning for our residential areas “downsized” and to stop the proliferation of large commercial, medical and apartment buildings being built in the middle of blocks of low-rise family homes. Colton has taken Department of City Planning officials on two tours of the neighborhood to highlight the problem. With complaints about such over-development continuing, Assemblyman Colton is now taking the fight to the next level. Colton is starting a neighborhood grassroots campaign to get the Department of City Planning to finally downsize the zoning for our residential areas.

There has been a disturbing pattern of squeezing multiple units and commercial buildings on lots previously occupied by one and two family dwellings. This places a great strain on existing services, parking and infrastructure of the neighborhood.

The problem stems from the fact that although some areas of the community are mostly small one and two family homes, they are zoned R-5 or R-6. That designation allows for buildings to be built 6-7 stories high and allows the building to extend right up to the building line. Exasperating this problem is the loophole that allows commercial buildings with some medical offices to be built to a greater density without needing any special permits or community reviews.

“Unless downsizing is implemented immediately, the residential quality of life in the neighborhood will be permanently damaged,” stated Colton. “These overzealous developers whose only motivation is profit must be stopped before they completely destroy our neighborhood’s quality of life.”

To get involved in the grassroots campaign to stop the over-development of our community, contact Jeanette Givant or Charles Ragusa in Colton’s Community office at 236-1598, or fill out and send in the comment form.

Colton Encourages All Eligible Voters To Vote
Voter Turnout Important To Solve Community Concerns

Presidential election years tend to get more people to vote. However every election year is important for solving neighborhood concerns. That is why Assemblyman Colton encourages every eligible adult to register to vote and why he strongly urges all registered voters to vote this and every election day.

High voter turnout is important to demonstrate neighborhood power. The greater the number of voters, the stronger the neighborhood’s voice in getting quality of life concerns addressed.

“I am committed to improving the quality of life for our neighborhood. Encouraging more people to vote is one way I can do that,” stated Colton. Voter registration forms are available at Assemblyman Colton’s office located at 211 Kings Highway, between West 10th and West 11th Streets or by calling his office at 236-1598.

Colton Honored For Fighting To Help Workers

The Communication Workers of America, Local 1109, honored Assemblyman Colton with the Jim Schelenberg Humanitarian Award for his hard work and dedication to help improve the lives of working people. Assemblyman Colton is proud to have stood with the CWA in its fight to keep jobs in New York State. Shown in picture is CWA Local 1109 President Tony Matarazzo presenting the award to Assemblyman Colton.

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