Assemblyman William Colton
Reports to the Neighborhood
Winter 2005

Assemblyman Colton’s Leadership
Brings New Hope To Lafayette High School

Thanks to Assemblyman Colton, the community and students of Lafeyette H.S. have a new sense of hope and a reason for pride in their school. Colton fought to improve the appalling conditions at Lafayette High School, prompting the Department of Education to finally take action to correct the problems at the school. The once excellent school became the worst nightmare of parents, the community and students who have attended the school under threats of violence. The school administration seemed to habitually ignore the problems and concerns. Things were so bad that the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the school and the Department of Education, accusing it of being indifferent to acts of violence against students and staff.

The appointment of a new principal and other significant changes initiated by the new administration has given reason for hope of real change. Assemblyman Colton met with the new principal prior to the start of the school year. Colton is pleased to see that she is working closely with parents and the community and she makes herself readily available to students who need to see her. The new principal is a resident of the neighborhood and she has shown determination to bring a strong scholastic excellence to Lafayette by raising academic standards. “I believe it is vital to our community that Lafayette be restored to its former excellence,” stated Assemblyman Colton. “I fought to bring about the necessary changes to improve conditions at the school and I will continue to monitor the school to ensure that improvements are made.”

Colton to Dept. of Parks:
“Get More Lifeguards Now!”

Assemblyman Colton is demanding that the City Parks Department take steps now to alleviate the annual shortage of lifeguards at neighborhood beaches. This past summer numerous beaches were closed due to a shortage of lifeguards. This caused severe overcrowding at the open beaches.

The Assemblyman has met with a Deputy Commissioner for the Parks Department to discuss the shortage of lifeguards. The Assemblyman is working with the Parks Department on the recruitment problem, including the need to more actively involve high schools and community groups in recruiting new lifeguards. Assemblyman Colton also pointed out the need to raise the starting salaries for ocean front lifeguards to be more in line with other major cities.

For more information on how you might apply to become a lifeguard please contact Colton’s Community Office at 718-236-1598.


Assemblyman Colton Helps Gravesend Little League

Grace Gravesend Little League was able to improve their field thanks to the funds that Assemblyman Colton secured for them. This group is just one of many community groups that the Assemblyman has helped with funding.

Colton Congratulates Helen Saperstein on her 100th Birthday


Assemblyman Colton presented Helen Saperstein with an Assembly plaque to commemorate her 100th birthday. The Assemblyman joined family and friends at the birthday celebration.

Colton to His Constituents:
“Beware of Overzealous Department of Sanitation Enforcement Agents”

If you have received a Department of Sanitation Summons that you feel you did not deserve please contact Assemblyman Colton’s Community Office at 718-236-1598.

Assemblyman Colton is furious with the City’s excessive use of sanitation fines to raise money for the City, hurting small home owners and small business owners. There have been numerous incidents in recent months where Department of Sanitation Enforcement Officers have given summonses to residents and businesses for questionable violations. Assemblyman Colton has been helping those constituents who have sought his help to fight these outrageous fines.

Colton and his staff are helping homeowners on 74th Street fight the $100 tickets they received for storing their trash where they had for thirty years. Assemblyman Colton succeeded in obtaining the dismissal of a violation for another constituent in the same situation.

This ticket spree is not limited to homeowners. A local Chinese restaurant was issued a summons for a black spot ground into the sidewalk in front of their business. Colton was outraged by this summons, given the fact that the only way to remove the spot was to remove the sidewalk.

“The excessive ticketing by the Department of Sanitation is being used as another way to tax people. We cannot allow the City to harass and fine law-abiding citizens and small businesses in this manner,” commented Colton.



Assemblyman Colton’s Community Office is open to serve you. The staff in the office are caring, competent and dedicated members of our community.

Constituents can get help with a wide variety of problems, including quality of life concerns; consumer concerns; immigration problems; housing problems; senior issues such as EPIC, Medicare, SCRIE, senior and veteran Real Property Tax Exemptions, health and home care; HEAP; and other issues of concern.

Colton and his staff are constantly working to improve the quality of life in our community. Please visit the office to avail yourself of the many services offered.

Jeanette Givant and Charles Ragusa

Jeanette Givant and Charles Ragusa are longtime community leaders who have dedicated their work and personal time to the community.

Jeanette Givant has helped thousands of people for over twenty years. Recently, for example, Ms. Givant has helped seniors receive Access-A-Ride and helped a constituent obtain protective services so that the constituent could remain at home.

Charles Ragusa has mobilized the neighborhood in many important fights. Mr. Ragusa had worked to close the Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator and he is fighting the placement of a Waste Transfer Station at the old incinerator site. He organized petition drives for more funding for education and health care in our community. Recently he has been coordinating the community fight against placing group home facilities in the neighborhood without any community notification and without considering the detrimental impact on quality of life.

Svetlana Perelmuter

Svetlana Perelmuter has helped thousands of people with housing, senior benefits and immigration matters. Not long ago, Ms. Perelmuter helped thirty seniors in one building apply for SCRIE. Ms. Perelmuter has also visited numerous senior centers and apartment buildings using her many skills to help constituents to improve their quality of life.

Stephanie Wong

Stephanie Wong helps residents and small business owners with problems and bureaucratic regulations they may encounter. She oversees the community office while handling immigration matters, in addition to general constituent work. Recently, Ms. Wong resolved a case of discrimination at a local supermarket. A constituent was subjected to ethnic slurs by a store employee. Ms. Wong worked with the store manager to get an apology for the constituent and to obtain policy changes to avoid such incidents in the future.

Michael Andronico, Mark Treyger, Nino Magali, Ginger Bivona and Terry Chung

Michael Andronico works on quality of life issues to get streets, sidewalks, lights and other community concerns addressed.

Mark Treyger helps plan and coordinate community projects and events, such as petition drives and community forums. Mr. Treyger worked extensively on the problems at Lafayette High School and the fight against the City’s plan to put a Marine Waste Transfer Station at the site of the Southwest Brooklyn Incinerator.

Nino Magali oversees constituent correspondence. Of late, Ms. Magali is helping to answer questions regarding the confusion resulting from the new Medicare Part D prescription program.

Ginger Bivona works on numerous projects including Assemblyman Colton’s Reading Challenge for schoolchildren, which rewards children for reading during their summer vacation. Mrs. Bivona also works with community groups to secure funding for their organizations.

Terry Chung specializes in providing computer assistance to the staff so that they may better serve Colton’s constituents.

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