What they are saying

"As a legislator who has sponsored progressive and sensible gun control measure for many years, I find the NRA attacks on Brooklyn Assemblymember JoAnn Simon and Brooklyn Senator Roxanne Persaud reprehensible. They are my colleagues and I should stand strong with them. This country is facing a firearms crisis while horrible mass shootings continue. Any organization responding to legislation with personal threats should be held accountable for this abusive behavior. Those of us, who have lived through threats, as I have, understand that standing up for your beliefs in order to make meaningful change and safer neighborhoods can be a dangerous act in and of itself. It is precisely these moments when you are tested that you find out who is with you and who is not." - NYS Assembly Assistant Speaker Felix Ortiz.

"The NRA is putting the lives of elected officials at risk by posting their snapshots surrounded by real bullets. The Justice Department should immediately investigate these scare tactics that threaten our democracy." - New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

"I think it is irresponsible in the times that we are living in to place a target around someone. By placing someone's picture with bullets next to them, you are playing on the fears of people." - NYS State Senator Roxanne Persaud.

"Knock it off NRA. Your graphic is obnoxious and suggestive. I stand with Assemblymember Simon and Senator Persaud." - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

"I know firsthand the kind of disgusting, hateful, and threatening rhetoric the NRA and their supporters use to intimidate anyone who dare propose common-sense gun regulations. I've taken many controversial positions, but none has garnered as much misogynistic vitriol as my stance on guns; and in speaking with my male colleagues, it is clear that women face especially fierce attacks from gun extremists. Enough is enough - in the 21st century we should be able to debate gun policy without sexist bullies threatening us with sexual violence and death." - NYS Senator Liz Krueger

"Women in New York have moxie. And Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon and Senator Roxanne Persaud have it in spades. What does the NRA have? Intimidation and inflammatory images meant to scare women in office who put public safety first. I am proud that in New York we elect women who won't be bullied as they work to make our city and state safe." - Brette McSweeney, Executive Director of Eleanor's Legacy.

"Given the charged rhetoric and heightened emotions regarding the gun safety issue, it is irresponsible for the NRA to express their sentiments in such a hostile manner. Placing bullets on pictures of elected officials, especially when we know that elected officials have been targeted by violent extremists in the past, is reckless and dangerous. The gun safety issue is a major concern for millions of New Yorkers, and as an elected official, my priority is to protect the lives and quality of life of my constituents. I will not be dissuaded from pushing for common sense restrictions on firearms and limits on dangerous ammunition and no threat from the NRA is going to change that fact." - NYS Senator Roxanne Persaud.

"We have a responsibility to put public safety first, in the face of the blood-soaked carnage of mass shootings, made possible by the calculated and unrestricted stockpiling of thousands of deadly ammunition rounds." - Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams