Matt Titone kept
his promise to make sure
Staten Island children
got their fair share of education funding.

Keeping the commitment to our children

The state budget continues a commitment to the 4-year Campaign for Fiscal Equity plan, delivering a $644 million education aid increase for New York City schools.


Despite a dire economic climate that forced budget cuts across the board, Titone stood strong and fought to improve New York City schools, including rejecting proposals to slow down new school construction, which would alleviate overcrowding.

The Assembly followed through on its commitment to education. Titone is now urging Mayor Bloomberg and the entire city council to do the same and keep their promise to increase New York City’s education funding.

The enacted budget helps all of New York’s children:

checkmark Providing $450 million for the implementation of universal pre-K, an increase of $96 million


Allocating $1.6 million for school personnel background checks to help keep children safe


Adding $10 million for after-school programs to give children a safe place to go at the end of the school day


Allocating $314 million in funding for special needs students

“I understand how important a quality education is for our children. That’s why I fought to ensure they received their fair share of education funding—allowing them to learn in a positive environment and giving them the tools they need to succeed.”


Matt Titone

853 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310