What every parent needs to know

Prepare your teen before handing over the keys
Your teenager may be a straight-A student. Your teenager may be extraordinarily mature. But the fact is he/she doesn’t have enough experience on the road to always make smart, safe decisions. Talk to your child. For more information, please visit .

No child deserves to be a statistic

Know the shocking facts and educate your teen on the consequences of reckless driving. 1

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the leading causes of accidents involving teenagers are:
  • Driver inexperience
  • High-risk situations, like bad weather or driving at night
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Not wearing a seatbelt

What can parents do?

As a parent, you might feel helpless when your teen is out cruising around. You can’t always be in the passenger seat, monitoring every move, but there are several measures you can take to enforce safe driving practices and set your mind at ease:

  • Mandate and enforce seat belt use
  • Minimize distractions for the driver
  • Limit the number of teen passengers
  • Forbid the use of cell phones, texting or
    other hand-held electronic
    while driving
  • Set a good example when you drive
  • Alcohol and drug abuse

Assemblyman Titone: Fighting to reduce teen tragedies
Titone has a strong history of sponsoring bills that offer safety measures and restrictions for young drivers, such as:
1  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Teen Drivers: Fact Sheet.”

Parent-Teen Driving Agreement

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Responsibilities for teen driver
I will not let anyone else drive the car

I will obey all driving laws, drive safely and not endanger my life or the lives of others

Everyone in the vehicle will wear seat belts at all times

I will tell my parent(s) or guardian(s) where I am going and when I will be back

I will call if I will be more than 30 minutes late

I will not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If impaired, I will use other transportation or call my parent(s) or guardian(s) for advice or for a ride

I will not talk on a cell phone when I am in the car

I will not text message when I am in the car

I will only have _______ passengers in the car

Responsibilities for parent(s) or guardian(s)
I will listen to my teen’s concerns about driving and this contract

I will set an example when I drive and teach good driving skills

I will give my teen driver helpful feedback when riding with him or her

If my teen driver calls impaired by drugs or alcohol, I will come to get him/her, at any hour, with no argument at that time, but will expect to discuss the incident at a later date

As your parent or guardian, I will also agree to seek safe, sober transportation. I will not drive if I have been drinking, nor will I ride with someone who has been drinking

Additional Comments:


We agree to this contract, which we will revise as concerns and circumstances change.

Signature of Parent(s) or Guardians(s)


Signature of Teen Driver


“Summer is here, and your teen driver will most likely be spending less time in the classroom and more time on the open road. This is the time to discuss the dangers of driving and set down some ground rules. Uninformed, inexperienced teen drivers can pose a risk to themselves, their peers and everyone else on the road. We all must be committed to keeping our families safe.”
–Assemblyman Matthew Titone

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