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WINTER 2005 


Dear Neighbor(s):

As the Holiday Season approaches, I wanted to send an update to the community on what has been accomplished recently within the community.

Since the last newsletter, I have been successful in securing capital funds for improvements for the Edenwald Community Center, and general funding to run a pilot Virtual YMCA after school program to serve the students and families of P.S. 68.

The governor signed my parkland "swap" bill that provides the MTA with a key piece of land needed to make improvements at the Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road station while increasing the total amount of parkland by a small amount.

With a generous contribution from Path Mark Stores, we were able to arrange for local families to have turkey dinners for Thanksgiving, As 2005 draws to an end, I wanted to inform you of the progress we have made to meet the needs of the people of New York State. As always, if there is any way that I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. My office is here to serve you. I hope you have a joyful holiday and may every success find you in the New Year.

With Love and Hope,
Carl E. Heastie
Member of Assembly
Office Addresses of Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie
DISTRICT OFFICE: 1351 East Gun Hill Road, Bronx, NY 10469 • (718) 654-6539
ALBANY OFFICE: LOB 417, Albany, NY 12248 • (518) 455-4800

Assemblyman Heastie’s and MTA Land Use Bill is signed by the Governor

The Governor signed into law Assemblyman Heastie’s bill that will allow the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to make renovations to the Williamsbridge square station at Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road. This bill also results in a small increase in total parkland in the Northeast Bronx.

Approval of the State Legislature is required for alienation of any parkland. The construction of the new station and other planned improvements requires the exchange of several small parcels of land among City Parks, City DOT, and MTA/NYCT. The provisions of Assembly Bill A.4407-A (Heastie) authorize that alienation and exchange. There is a net increase in the total amount of parkland at the location.

This land will be used by the MTA and the MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) for purposes of constructing and operating a subway and intermodal transfer station, along with station, parkland, traffic and streetscape improvements associated with the Gun Hill Road Station Rehabilitation Project. The park in question, Williamsbridge Square, is located adjacent to the intersection of Gun Hill Road and White Plains Road, and is owned by the City of New York and maintained by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

The Gun Hill Road Station Rehabilitation Project is part of a larger project now underway to rebuild and upgrade several stations on the NYCT White Plains Road Subway Line. The Gun Hill Road Station serves the #2 and #5 Trains and the surrounding area is a stop or terminal for five different local bus routes. The Gun Hill Road Station Rehabilitation Project will replace the existing substandard station with a larger, modern, ADA compliant station and pedestrian plaza, create additional space for the convenient transfer between buses and the subway, improve traffic flow with separate bus lanes and a new turn-around for buses and will provide additional and upgraded parkland. NYCT will also renovate existing DPR buildings and facilities and provide new traffic signage and signals on behalf of the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT). photo The Project will reduce both pedestrian and vehicular congestion, increasing station accessibility and realigning some existing traffic patterns and lanes.

grey line Projected appearance of completed Gun Hill Road Station.

turkey dinner Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie and Path Mark Grocery Stores
Provide Turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner

Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie in conjunction with Path Mark grocery stores provided turkey dinners for seniors and families in the Northeast Bronx for Thanksgiving. In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, turkeys were given to Senior Centers in the community so residents could enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

"I would like to recognize the work of the Path Mark grocery stores, Bay/Eden Senior Center, Rain Boston Secor Senior Center, Williamsbridge Senior Center, East 233rd Street Senior Center, Tilden Towers, and Split Rock Nursing Home as they help local families enjoy the spirit of the Holiday season," said Assemblyman Heastie. "This is just another example of how New Yorkers share the holidays with each other," stated Assemblyman Heastie.

Assemblyman Heastie, with the help of the Food Industry Alliance, solicited the donations and provided the coordination of these events.

Carl Heastie Funds Edenwald-Gun Hill Neighborhood Center for a $250, 000 Facility Improvement

The Edenwald-Gun Hill Neighborhood Center will be getting air conditioning installed and other capital improvements at the facility from a $250,000 Community Capital Assistance Program (CCAP) allocation from Assemblyman Carl Heastie.

Approximately $150,000 of the funds will be used to accommodate the air condition installation. Other miscellaneous capital projects including repairs, improvements throughout the facility, remodeling and supplies will be addressed with $70,000 of the CCAP funding. Park improvements for the Edenwald playground will assume the remaining $30,000.

"The Board of Directors, staff and residents of Edenwald Houses greatly appreciate the tireless efforts of Assemblyman Heastie to secure the necessary funding for upgrading the Edenwald facility. The residents of Edenwald have not seen a major renovation of the facility since the center opened in 1953." -Ken Mercer

These improvements are the result of Community Capital Assistance Funding secured by Assemblyman Heastie through budget negotiations and administered by the New York State Dormitory Authority.

photo Carl E. Heastie and Claudette Phipps, director of Diversified Community Health Services, speak with the coordinators at the annual Health Fair.

Member of Assembly Heastie Provides $52,000 in funding to implement the Virtual Y Program

As part of an effort to provide after school programs throughout the district, the Bronx YMCA has begun "The Virtual Y Program" at P.S. 68 as the result of public funds secured by Carl E. Heastie. This Program is designed to assist New York City Public School Children in practicing literacy skills to reinforce what is taught during the school day. The Virtual Y Program offers an enriched after school program consisting of a variety of academic, recreational and values based activities, all infused with experiences that enhance literacy. The operating cost for this program is $26,000 a school per year. This pilot program has become a tremendous success, and there are plans to implement the Virtual Y program in other schools in the Northeast Bronx. Assemblyman Heastie is pushing to bring the program to P.S. 87.

Students from P.S. 68 who participate in the Virtual Y Program. photo

"I love this program, the people who work here are positive role models for the children, and they give a lot of help with homework."
arrow(Ms. Clarke) parent

"The "Y" allows all three of our children the chance to get help with their academic work, and also gives them a lot of emotional support."
arrow(Mr. and Mrs. Gordon) parent

"The Virtual "Y" provides a wonderful opportunity for potential latch key children to have an expanded school day that focuses on homework assistance and in depth literacy development."
arrow(Cheryl Coles) P.S. 68 Principal

Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie:
Free Credit Reports Protect Your Identity and Finances

credit cards As of September 1, New Yorkers can get a free copy of their credit report to ensure their information is correct, and their identity is protected. Additionally, to further protect consumers, legislation that requires public and private organizations to notify customers when their private information has been breached was signed into law to take effect in time for this Holiday Season (Ch. 442 of 2005).

Under the federally mandated Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act), residents can obtain a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion).

Identity theft can happen to anyone. That’s why I sponsored legislation to protect consumers. Thieves are finding new ways to exploit unsuspecting individuals. You can be robbed without someone even breaking into your home or car. While this alarming trend has gained widespread attention, measures are being taken to protect consumers.

While the threat of identity theft still exists, my fellow legislators and I will continue to battle this increasing problem. Monitoring your own credit activity is an excellent way to ward against unauthorized activity on your accounts. Consumers must take it upon themselves to ensure that any credit activity is accounted for and accurate. With the free credit reports, New Yorkers can easily monitor balances, payment history and account status, and help prevent becoming a victim of identity theft.

Banks review credit reports, loan and mortgage officers to determine the qualification level to purchase a home, car, or boat, or get a student loan. Credit reports are becoming part of other review processes. Many employers review the credit reports of candidates before making a job offer. Therefore, being informed with up-to-date credit information is critical.

Since residents can obtain a free report from each of the agencies, you can compare by requesting all three reports at the same time, or you can space them out over the course of a year (once very four months) to monitor any recent developments. Be aware of commercial, unofficial offers for "free" credit reports, as they often contain hidden charges and commitments. The FACT Act provides truly free reports for consumers to monitor their credit history.

To order your free credit report, visit or call (877) 322-8228, or learn more by contacting my office at (718) 654-6539.

The Bronx Business Alliance is a great source for FREE business advice for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Bronx.

The Bronx Business Alliance-Business Outreach Center’s mission is to assist the small businesses in the North Bronx. Through our vast number of linkage partners, we are able to help small businesses in many areas. BOC will assist those who want to start a new business with the necessary start up tools. The BOC offers the following assistance and more:

Start-up Assistance, Business Plan Development Identifying Financing Opportunities, Marketing Assistance Financial Management Assistance

For more information Bronx Business Outreach Center 4309b White Plains Road • 718-231-2847 / 718-231-4324 fax

photo Assemblyman Heastie, Samuel Granby and Rev. Naomi Tyler-Lloyd.

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