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Ken Zebrowski
Reports to the 94th Assembly District

December 2007

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Ken Zebrowski waves to fellow members of the Assembly after being sworn in on May 2, 2007.
A Message from
Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski

Dear Neighbor:

I was extremely honored to be elected to the New York State Assembly on May 1 of this year. As many of you know, the seat was vacated after the death of my father and although it has been a tough time emotionally, I have managed to hit the ground running. In just a few short months, I have authored numerous laws that will affect the quality of life of all New Yorkers including a comprehensive reform package in response to the Long Island doctor who recklessly infected patients with Hepatitis, HIV and many other diseases by not following proper medical protocol. I have also attended and sponsored many public meetings on pertinent issues to Rocklanders including the FAA flight plan, congestion pricing and property taxes.

Perhaps most importantly, I have picked up where my father left off in partnering with Senator Tom Morahan to fight for Rockland County residents. With the huge population of New York City and the great expanse of upstate counties, it is imperative that Rockland’s state representatives stay vigilant to ensure Rockland’s voice is heard in Albany. As a bipartisan team, Senator Morahan and I reject the partisan bickering, which seems to permeate the political landscape and instead work together focusing on real results for Rockland residents.

I hope you find this winter report informative. it includes short squibs on many of the things my colleagues and I in the Assembly have been working on this session. As always, please feel free to contact my office at any time with questions, suggestions or personal issues. My staff and I are dedicated to running an office that is accessible and responsive.

Lastly, I want to wish you and your family all the joys of the holiday season and a safe and happy new year.

Kenneth P. Zebrowski

New Law Increases Penalties
to Deter Drunk Driving

It seems that every year we hear of several new tragedies involving innocent New Yorkers being injured by drunk drivers. Just recently, the Rockland Journal News reported on an off-duty New York City police officer whose life will never be the same after injuries suffered at the hands of a drunk driver. In an effort to deter this abhorrent behavior, Assemblyman Zebrowski and the State Assembly passed a new law (Ch. 345 of 2007) adding the new crimes of aggravated vehicular assault and aggravated vehicular homicide to felony driving while intoxicated crimes.

9/11 Responders Are Eligible For Workers’ Comp
But There Is A Deadline To Apply – August 13, 2008

Anyone who aided in the rescue, recovery, or cleanup efforts at the World Trade Center on or after 9/11 should register before August 13, 2008, with the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board. Registering by that date will preserve your right to file a workers’ compensation claim in case you ever get sick as a result of your efforts at that time. Rockland County has many residents who qualify to register. Not only is the county home to many NYC police officers, fire fighters, and EMT workers, but many others—many of them volunteers—who also unselfishly responded to help with the 9/11 disaster. Information on this program is available from the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) hotline at 1-866-982-2556 or online at

Benefits For 9/11 Paramedics
And Emergency Medical
Technicians Increased

In a move to address health problems faced by paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) who responded to the 9/11 tragedy, the Assembly passed a law to increase their workers’ compensation benefits. Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski believes the law will provide parity with the coverage public employee first responders receive under the Retirement and Social Security Law’s disability pension benefit (Ch. 689 of 2007).

The bill amends the Workers’ Compensation Law to confer compensation benefits for permanent disabilities incurred to private voluntary hospital EMTs and paramedics who heroically participated in the rescue operations of the terrorist attacks at the WTC site on September 11. To date, almost half of these brave first responders have died.

The Legislature passed a measure providing for a 75 percent salary disability pension benefit for public employee Ground Zero first responders. The proposal did not provide similar relief to the EMTs and paramedic first responders employed by and dispatched from private voluntary hospitals near Ground Zero.

According to the lawmakers, the bill means private voluntary hospital workers will receive workers’ compensation disability and death benefits of 75 percent of their wages instead of the current 66 2/3 percent Workers’ Compensation Law guideline, matching the percentage public employee first responders receive under their disability pension benefit.

Zebrowski Proposes Law in Response
To Long Island “Dirty Needle” Doctor Scare

Assemblyman Zebrowski authored a sweeping package of reform legislation in response to the Long Island incident where a doctor recklessly reused vaccination instruments and infected patients with infectious diseases including Hepatitis B, C and HIV.

In most cases the exposed patients were not notified of their exposure for close to three years. The issue hit home for Zebrowski, whose father passed away from complications associated with Hepatitis C.

Zebrowski teamed up with Senator Morahan to introduce legislation that among other things would provide criminal penalties and mandate license revocation for such reckless actions by a doctor, and mandate that the Department of Health notify patients who were exposed as soon as practical.

Assemblyman Zebrowski and Senator Morahan confer during a tax meeting in North Rockland.
Zebrowski Continues Efforts to Deal With Haverstraw Mirant Problem

Assemblyman Zebrowski picked up where his father left off, seeking additional ways to help Haverstraw taxpayers deal with increases levied as a result of the Mirant tax challenge. One of his first bills that was signed into law by the governor altered the tax ratio, avoiding another enormous tax increase above and beyond the increases that already hit homeowners.

In addition, Assemblyman Zebrowski and Senator Morahan have teamed up to seek emergency state aid designed to help taxpayers. Both lawmakers have been working with North Rockland business leaders to lobby the governor and other leaders.

Zebrowski Bill Would Allow Parents
to Deduct the Costs of Textbooks

With tens of thousands of dollars in student loans himself, no one knows the costs associated with college and graduate school better than Assemblyman Zebrowski. Despite enormous tuition bills, the costs of mandatory textbooks continue to rise, often times in excess of $500 per semester.

In an effort to help defray these costs, Assemblyman Zebrowski has teamed up with Senator Tom Morahan to draft a bill that provides an income tax deduction for the costs of textbooks.

Assembly Tackles “Human Trafficking” Problem

The State Assembly along with the Senate passed legislation, signed into law by the governor, that targets “human trafficking.” Human trafficking involves the enslavement of people against their will by means of force or threat for the purpose of sexual or labor exploitation. In some cases, physical force is used. In other cases, false promises are made regarding job opportunities or marriages in foreign countries.

Shockingly, many of the people end up in our own neighborhoods performing sexual acts for the profit of a larger operation. Under current law, prosecuting human trafficking is difficult because existing statutes, such as kidnapping and coercion crimes, are generic, making it difficult for prosecutors to effectively charge these offenders. The bill strengthens law enforcement’s ability to combat human trafficking by defining and targeting this act. This landmark legislation creates strong criminal sanctions for those who engage in sex or labor trafficking. Additionally, the measure provides victim assistance and services to those who fall prey to human trafficking.

At their forum on congestion pricing, Assemblyman Zebrowski and Assemblywoman Jaffee listen to residents’ comments.
Zebrowski Gives Rockland a Voice On Congestion Pricing

No matter what your feelings on the mayor’s congestion pricing plan, Assemblyman Zebrowski was determined that Rocklanders have a chance to weigh in on the proposal. Zebrowski teamed up with Assemblyman Ellen Jaffee to bring to Rockland two members of the panel that will help make decisions on the plan. Zebrowski and Jaffee let Rocklanders both express their opinions of the plan and explain to panel members the unique commuting challenges Rocklanders face.

Zebrowski and Carlucci Team Up to Provide Off-site Office Hours

In an effort to make their offices as accessible as possible to constituents, Assemblyman Zebrowski has teamed up with Clarkstown Town Clerk David Carlucci to hold mobile office hours. Their first session will be January 27 at the Shop Right in New City, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Visiting Albany?

Assemblyman Zebrowski enjoys welcoming constituents to the New York State Capitol. If your group is planning on visiting Albany, call his office in advance to schedule an appointment with him. Guided tours of the New York State Capitol are available seven days a week. If you are interested in a guided tour, call the Office of General Services—Visitor Assistance at (518) 474-2418 for tour times. Additional information is available online:

Zebrowski Assists Residents on Federal Issues

Assemblyman Zebrowski has helped numerous Rocklanders express their concerns with with two controversial issues affecting our county:

  • Assemblyman Zebrowski has joined with a host of other Rockland officials in lobbying the FAA to alter the new proposed flight plan to minimize the effects on Rockland residents. Zebrowski applauds the efforts of local citizens who have taken to the streets in protest. He has written to Senator Schumer and Representatives Lowey and Engel to express his concerns with the federal law.

  • Zebrowski has written both Senators Schumer and Clinton as well as Rockland’s congressional representatives regarding RLUIPA (the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act). Zebrowski and many residents have concerns regarding the effect this law has on local zoning control.

Brochures Available

Call the office of Assemblyman Zebrowski if you are interested in receiving any of these brochures:

  • HMO Guide
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  • Safety Tips for Seniors

  • How a Bill Becomes a Law

  • Homeowner’s Guide

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Members of the NYS Teachers’ Association with Assemblyman Zebrowski in Albany.