Assemblyman Zebrowski
Reports to Haverstraw
on the 2008-2009
State Budget
Assemblyman Zebrowski debates a bill in the Assembly.

Dear Neighbor,

It is no secret that the Haverstraw and North Rockland communities have been hit hard by the MIRANT tax challenges.

When I was elected last year, I pledged to do everything in my power to push the state to help Haverstraw with additional funding. This funding would help stabilize and hopefully decrease your local tax bills.

I am happy to report that this year’s State budget was a success for Haverstraw and North Rockland. I, along with Senator Morahan, your local elected officials, community advocates, and residents, worked tirelessly to explain Haverstraw’s unique situation to our governor and legislative leaders.

This work resulted in funding increases across the board that will either decrease or prevent further increases to your local tax bills.

As always, if you have any questions about the budget or any other issue, please feel welcome to call my office.

Kenneth P. Zebrowski

Assemblyman Kenneth P. Zebrowski

Zebrowski: State budget delivers tax relief for Haverstraw residents

$7.3 million in State aid results in a projected 3.3 percent school tax decrease.

Assemblyman Zebrowski teamed up with Senator Morahan to help deliver $7.3 million in State aid that will result in a tax decrease for Haverstraw residents. Specifically, $4.8 million was part of the State funding formula Zebrowski helped to increase, and $2.5 million was the result of a special grant secured by Zebrowski and Morahan to specifically address the MIRANT situation. These grants, along with cuts made by the school district, will result in residents receiving an anticipated 3.3 percent decrease in their school taxes this year.

Zebrowski secures $1.425 million for the Town of Haverstraw to address infrastructure upgrades

Supervisor Howard Phillips and the Town Board have been working hard to keep the Town budget down in light of the financial hardships created by MIRANT. Assemblyman Zebrowski was able to secure $1.425 million in infrastructure grants to replace curbs, upgrade the waste water treatment plant and repair an emergency bridge for two schools. This aid addresses Haverstraw’s needs without raising local taxes.

Zebrowski fights to preserve
Aid to Municipalities funding:

Town of Haverstraw - $114,547
Village of Haverstraw - $96,923
Village of West Haverstraw - $157,288

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