2011 Legislative Update
Assemblyman Zebrowski: Keeping Rockland residents informed on important issues

I hope this update finds you and your family enjoying the summer. We had a very successful session in Albany this year. Under the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York State has tackled issues that are important to Rockland families. We approved an on-time budget, passed a property tax cap and fought against corruption with a sweeping ethics reform package.

This mailer will provide you with an informative overview of the many positive changes that happened this year. If you would like to receive future updates in electronic form, please email me at ZebrowskiK@assembly.state.ny.us. As always, please feel free to contact or stop by my office with any questions or concerns.

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Property Tax Cap

Ken’s top priority since taking office has been property tax relief — Rockland County has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. This financial burden is forcing middle class families and seniors out of their homes and driving businesses to other states. Over the past eight years, property taxes in Rockland County have grown at more than double the rate of wages. These kinds of increases are simply unsustainable.

Ken sponsored a property tax cap which will limit the increase of property taxes to under 2 percent each year (Ch. 97 of 2011). This law will help families and seniors on fixed incomes stay in their homes and will attract new businesses to Rockland County.

“The tax cap is a game changer for New York. It will provide real relief to Rockland families and businesses who are suffering from the property tax burden.” –Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski

Assemblyman Zebrowski’s Mandate Relief

The property tax cap asks local governments to cut costs and maximize efficiency to keep their budgets as low as possible. Ken recognizes that we need to help municipalities operate in a more cost effective manner by eliminating state mandates. The tax cap law provides mandate relief by:

Targeted Mandate Relief Summit

Ken has also introduced several pieces of legislation that will assist local governments and school districts in cutting costs.

2011-12 Budget

This year the Legislature worked together to pass an on-time budget closing a deficit of over $10 billion, while reducing spending and not raising taxes. This budget also invests in job creation, energy, seniors and economic revitalization.

Ethics Reform

The people’s trust must be restored in government. Ken sponsored legislation that will make government more open and accountable (A.8301). This sweeping reform will:

Ken has sponsored a number of bills this legislative session. Below are some important bills that recently became law:

Making roadways safer – strengthens the ban on texting while driving (Ch. 109 of 2011).

Helping small business – gives small business greater access to capital in an effort to create jobs and better New York’s business climate (Ch. 103 of 2011).

Protecting vulnerable adults – similar to the Amber Alert; will give peace of mind to families of vulnerable adults, if they suddenly go missing (Ch. 222 of 2011).