Albany Update
From Assemblyman
Brian Kolb

Dear Neighbor:

I’d say progress is being made! For the first time in 21 years, the state Legislature passed an on-time budget. This accomplishment was made possible by the earlier passage of government reforms that my Assembly minority colleagues and I have advocated for years.

The Assembly minority won these important reforms because of a new sense of bipartisanship sweeping the Assembly. I look forward to continued bipartisan cooperation so we may put policy before politics and continually reform the way business is done in Albany.

I’ve included in this brochure some results from my latest constituent survey. As your representative in Albany, I’ll continue making issues of importance to you my main priorities.

As always, if you have questions or would like to discuss particular issues, feel free to contact me.

Brian M. Kolb
Member of the Assembly

Assembly Minority Reforms = A Winning Equation
  • First-ever, five-way, public budget negotiations
  • Ended the practice of empty-seat voting
  • Restricting lobbyist access to the Assembly chamber
  • Initiated Tuesday legislative sessions to allow for greater review and debate.

First on-time state budget in 21 years!

More reform is needed
  • Establish a two-year, advance funding line item for school aid appropriations so districts may more effectively plan individual spending and better inform taxpayers about the impact on local budgets.
  • Require a supermajority (2/3) vote for final passage of bills that impose, create or revive taxes
  • Trim Medicaid options in order to reduce the burden on property taxpayers and local municipalities
By Demanding Change, We Demand Results

"I asked you for your opinions, and you responded in record numbers. Here is where we are on your three most important issues."


Brian knows no one likes taxes, and he has fought repeatedly against tax hikes to pay for New York City problems. Brian’s plan provides tax incentives to spur job growth and help small businesses grow. He’ll continue to fight against income tax hikes because he knows the only real way to increase state revenue is by allowing hard-working New Yorkers to keep and spend more of their money.

Brian strongly believes that government should be very careful about spending taxpayer money. This belief is one of many that drives Brian’s desire to make government more efficient. There has been progress this year with reform, but more changes are needed. For example, we need more reform to the current Medicaid system because the costs are causing property taxes to skyrocket, adversely affecting our counties.

Brian knows our state’s future depends on our children’s education. Brian’s plan focuses on instituting an equitable school aid formula, mandate relief and technology upgrades to give our students the most modern educational tools available. The Kolb education plan also calls for a $500 teacher tax credit to help offset the personal expenses teachers incur to invest in their classrooms and students.

The Results Are In!
Here is a sampling of results from the surveys you completed.

1. It is appropriate to give tax incentives as financial assistance to businesses if the money is used to save or create jobs in New York.

Yes 81%
No 16%

2. Wine should be made available for sale in grocery stores.

Yes 53%
No 36%

3. Increasing taxes is a preferred alternative to controlling state spending.

Yes 5%
No 92%

4. Schools should be given more flexibility in determining how to provide a quality education.

Yes 77%
No 17%

5. Higher state/property taxes are acceptable if they mean increased upport for education.

Yes 23%
No 73%

6. Civil confinement (institutionalizing sexual predators deemed likely to repeat sexual offenses upon their release from prison) should be allowed.

Yes 76%
No 15%

To Contact
Brian Kolb

District Office
607 W. Washington Street • Suite 2
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 781-2030

Albany Office
720 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12248
(518) 455-5772