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“2005 has been a good year in New York. We’ve done so much to better the state, but there’s more to be done. I’m committed to helping New York become the absolute best it can be.”

Assemblyman Brian Kolb
Dear Friend:

New York state government experienced a good year in 2005. The state Legislature passed an on-time budget for the first time in 21 years, and strengthened laws against drug dealers, distributors and producers. It made decisions that will improve the state’s commerce and business climate, and made progress in improving New York’s economy.

As legislators pass budgets and big statewide bills, we sometimes forget the smaller issues and bills that affect local residents. It’s also the smaller pieces of legislation, as a collective whole, that help shape the direction of our great state.

I’m taking this opportunity to share some of the initiatives from the 2005 legislative session that directly or indirectly affect you. By working closely with my Assembly minority colleagues and the Assembly majority, as well as our counterparts in the Senate and governor’s office, we have made great strides toward a better, stronger New York.

If you have questions or concerns about the information, or any other matter, feel free to contact me at any time.

Brian Kolb
Member of Assembly
129th District

Assemblyman Brian Kolb
Assemblyman Brian Kolb Reports

Protecting Our Women & Children

Although New York is the safest large state in the nation, we’ve been working hard to make it even safer. Here are just some of the initiatives and laws the Legislature has been working on to protect New York’s women and children.

Legislative priorities I am pushing for in Albany include:

  • Enacting civil confinement that allows judges to order the most violent sexual predators, who are deemed a danger to repeat their crimes if released from prison, held in secure mental-health facilities to receive treatment by medical professionals until they are cleared for release.

  • Requiring lifetime registration on the Sex Offender Registry for all convicted sex offenders.

  • Increasing the penalties for sex offenders failing to register or verify their home addresses under Megan’s Law requirements.

  • Expanding the Megan’s Law Web site to include information about Level 1 and 2 sex offenders (data about Level 3 offenders only is required to be posted on the site at this time).

  • Increasing penalties for sex crimes.

  • Instituting significant reforms to strengthen Megan’s Law.

We passed numerous bills this year to strengthen prosecution of and protection from dangerous and violent sexual predators. Some of the new laws:

  • Prohibit individuals on the state Sex Offender Registry from operating or working on mobile frozen-dessert trucks.

  • Ban Level 3 sex offenders – considered the most dangerous and likely to repeat their crimes – from entering or living within a quarter-mile of school grounds or any child-care facility where children younger than 18 are present.

  • Require overnight, summer day and travel camp operators to consult the Sex Offender Registry before hiring new employees.

  • Mandate Level 3 sex offenders to submit an updated photograph each year.

  • Create the crime of using the Internet to lure or entice minors.

photo Assemblyman Kolb and students who successfully completed the 2004 Summer Reading Challenge.

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