Assemblyman Brian Kolb: Working to Protect our Children

photo Pass Civil Confinement
to Keep Dangerous
Sex Offenders
off our Streets

Assemblyman Brian Kolb
Dear Neighbor,

Protecting your family from violent crimes, especially sexual assaults, is a top priority of mine. Because the recidivism rate of sex offenders is the highest of all criminals, our communities and children are at greater risk when sexual predators are released from prison and settle or work in our neighborhoods.

The issue must be addressed by changing New York’s laws to stop sex offenders from gaining the chances to again commit their crimes. We need to keep the very worst offenders confined so they may receive professional treatment and be kept away from our children.

I urge you to review the proposals I support in the Assembly that are listed on this card. If you agree with me, please sign and return the completed petition so I can deliver it to our state’s legislative leaders. This will ensure your voice is heard on this critical topic. For additional copies of the petition, please contact my office at (315) 781-2030.

Brian Kolb
129th Assembly District

**Click here for a printable view**

Please print and return with signatures to:
Assemblyman Brian Kolb, 607 W. Washington St., Suite 2, Geneva, NY 14456

We, the undersigned, join Assemblyman Kolb in demanding that the Assembly Majority allow Civil Confinement legislation (A.2693) to come to the Floor of the Assembly for a vote. Civil Confinement would keep the most dangerous sexual predators locked up away from New York’s children.***

We also urge passage of the following proposals to strengthen Megan’s Law:

  • Prevent convicted sex offenders from living within 1000 feet of a school or school grounds. (A.1654-A)

  • Require the most dangerous sex offenders to wear electronic devices linked to Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites in order to monitor their whereabouts. (A.8158)

  • Expand the information available about sex offenders on the Division of Criminal Justice Services’ website to include information on all registered offenders. (A.1701)

  • Require law enforcement to release information on Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders - those at the highest risk of committing additional crimes - to vulnerable populations in the community. (A.1654-A)

  • Require lifetime registration for all sex offenders on the NYS Sex Offender Registry.


*** Civil confinement would allow the courts to order the worst sex offenders held in a secure facility beyond their prison release date if, upon evaluation, there is significant reason to believe they may strike again. Under current law, sexually violent predators are released into our communities once their sentence is finished despite the fact that there is a strong possibility they may recommit their heinous crimes.

The Assembly Minority has been urging a civil confinement law since 1993. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of civil confinement, and a similar bill has repeatedly passed the state Senate with bipartisan support (this year the vote was 58-2). Governor Pataki has also said he will sign the legislation as soon as it reaches his desk. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia currently have civil confinement laws on the books.