Assemblyman David Koon ó
A leader in keeping our families safe and secure

Assemblyman David Koon
is fighting to protect us from crime

"New Yorkers need a high-quality E-911 system they can trust whether at home or on a wireless phone. I will continue fighting for the development of an enhanced wireless 911 service that is effective and efficient across New York." Expanding E-911 services to protect our families

  • Securing $100 million for local emergency dispatch centers to develop enhanced wireless 911 service
  • Sponsoring a bill that requires counties imposing a wireless telecommunication surcharge to use this revenue for wireless 911 service only (A.8947)
  • Introducing legislation that would establish a system to educate and notify wireless callers dialing 911 that emergency dispatchers may not have automatic access to the callerís location or phone number in the event of a disconnection (A.7448-B)
  • Testifying before Congress on the need for tougher federal laws requiring wireless E-911 surcharges to be spent only on updating E-911 technology

"Sexual assault is a brutal crime that leaves permanent scars on its victims. To help protect our loved ones from these appalling crimes, we must keep known offenders from victimizing again." Ensuring sex offenders donít slip through the cracks

  • Restricting level three sex offenders from residing within a quarter-mile of any school or licensed day care facility (no bill number)
  • Requiring level three sex offenders to remain on probation, parole or post-release supervision for the duration of their registration period and/or life (no bill number)
  • Providing a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without parole for murder committed in the course of a sex crime in which the victim is less than 14-years-old (A.4471)
  • Prohibiting sex offenders from being assigned to the community services/temporary release program for state correctional institutions (A.3391)

"To protect our families, especially our children, from dangerous firearms, we must do more to keep weapons out of the wrong hands and ensure they are used for their intended purposes." Keeping guns off our streets

  • Expanding the crime gun clearinghouse and the ballistic identification databank (A.8542-A)
  • Creating more stringent requirements for gun dealers in regard to the sale of guns, training of employees, record keeping and reporting, and licensing (A.7002)
  • Encouraging safe gun storage ó "Childrenís Weapon Accident Prevention Act" (A.4615)
  • Expanding the definition of "armor piercing ammunition" and prohibiting the possession of "devastator ammunition" (A.3245)
  • Banning the dangerous firearms known as "Saturday night specials" or "junk guns" (A.3655)
  • Prohibiting the purchase or sale of protective body vests except by or to law enforcement or military personnel (A.8708)

"Some of the most brutal crimes in our society are committed by youths under 18 years of age, and our laws should reflect this unfortunate reality. Violent criminals who happen to be juveniles deserve punishment that fits their crimes."
Making our neighborhoods safer

  • Stiffening penalties for juvenile offenders convicted of murder (Ch. 174 of 2003)
  • Expanding crimes under which 14-and 15-year-olds may be treated as adults (A.3664)
  • Increasing the penalty for murder of a police officer by a minor (A.3665)
  • Designating a youthful offender who commits a second crime within five years as a repeat felon (A.3909)

Assemblyman Koon
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