Cahill Praises Energy Goals in "The Power of SUNY" Strategic Plan
Proposal aligns with state efforts to build new energy economy

Albany - Assemblymember Kevin Cahill (D-Ulster, Dutchess) lauded the "Power of SUNY" strategic plan, which builds on state's comprehensive energy plan passed in 2009 and other efforts he has been advancing since becoming Chair of the Assembly Energy Committee. The SUNY initiative sets aggressive goals for efficiency and conservation, promotes the development of renewable and energy efficiency technologies through university-industry partnerships and provides for an academic emphasis aimed at creating a competitive workforce ready to grow New York's 21st Century energy economy.

"The race to develop and deploy clean energy solutions is going to define the 21st Century global economy. In New York, like so many times in the past, we have the ability to drive innovation and create the new energy economy starting right here at home," said Assemblymember Cahill. "SUNY has long played a crucial role in our state's success. I am pleased that Chancellor Zimpher has embraced a vision of energy independence and I look forward to partnering with her in establishing the policies that will allow our institutions to thrive in their new endeavors."

Assemblymember Cahill has worked to pass several new laws and promote initiatives that will facilitate SUNY investments in energy efficiency and renewable power. Building upon the 2008 expansion of the State's net-metering laws - provisions that allow utility customers with renewable energy systems to sell excess power back to the grid - the Governor recently signed Assemblymember Cahill's bill (A.7557-A) removing restrictions on the size of wind and solar systems for non-residential customers.

Two other key laws sponsored by the Assemblymember extend the New York Power Authority's successful energy performance programs to all state and local public entities and direct the State's Office of General Services to use their purchasing power to make renewable energy and alternative fuels more accessible to state institutions (A.9019 and A.9040).

"We have put in place a variety of tools for SUNY to use as they seek to reduce their energy consumption and utilize alternative sources of power," Assemblymember Cahill said. "By harnessing the purchase power of our public institutions we will help grow the market for renewable and energy efficiency technologies."

The university-industry partnerships central to the SUNY plan is an initiative promoted by Assemblymember Cahill through his work with The Solar Energy Consortium (TSEC). TSEC is an integrated network of energy specialists from academia, industry and government that work together to find financing for cutting edge renewable energy initiatives across the state. The Consortium has been successful in attracting renewable energy businesses to the Hudson Valley and creating green jobs.

"The success of The Solar Energy Consortium has proven that public-private partnerships through our unrivaled network of universities are a great way to attract innovative businesses, grow jobs and develop a responsible approach to meeting New York's complex energy needs," said Assemblymember Cahill.

In addition to energy initiatives, the Power of SUNY plan serves as a five year roadmap designed to make SUNY the engine to drive New York's economy to meet the challenges of the coming century. For more information on the Power of SUNY plan visit: