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Oral Testimony by Invitation Only

Oversight of the 2014-2015 State Budget and the agencies and programs that are under the purview of the Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development

To review the implementation of the State Budget and its impact on the programs under the purview of the Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development

December 17, 2014
10:30 A.M
Assembly Hearing Room
Room 1923, 19th Floor
250 Broadway
New York, New York

The Assembly Standing Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development is responsible for overseeing certain State agency budgets, as well as certain programs that receive funding from the State. These agencies include the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP), the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA), and the "I Love NY" tourism campaign at the Empire State Development Corporation.

In the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2014-2015 budget, OPRHP received $224,768,500 for operations, including $10,703,600 for the Historic Preservation program and $500,000 for the Natural Heritage Trust. OPRHP also received $92.5 million in capital from the existing New York Works Infrastructure Investment Program. In addition, OPRHP received $6,135,000 to support the maintenance and operations of snowmobile trails. The "I Love NY" tourism marketing division received $2.5 million for operations. The local Tourism Matching Grants program (funding for tourism promotion agencies) received $3.815 million. A new program, created under ESDC, called the "Market New York Program," received $5 million in new funding for marketing and advertising to promote regional attractions, also including the promotion of New York-produced goods and products. NYSCA received $4.1 million for operations and $35.6 million for arts grants, and ORDA received $4,318,000 for State operations and $2.5 million from the NY Works capital fund for improvements to the Olympic facilities located in Lake Placid.

In addition, the (SFY) 2014-2015 budget enacted the Empire State Music and Theatrical Production Tax Credit Program. This Program provides incentives for qualified production companies to conduct technical rehearsals and other pre-tour activities and perform shows in regional theaters throughout Upstate New York. The program encourages the use of these upstate entertainment venues and provides competitive balance against competing venues located in Northeastern states that offer similar tax incentives to musical and theatrical productions produced on Broadway. Program credits of $4 million per year can be allocated and used to encourage companies to perform and conduct technical rehearsals and other pre-tour activities in Upstate New York to help stimulate the upstate economy.

The purpose of this hearing is to examine the overall impact and implementation of the 2014-15 budget, and assess the impact and effectiveness of New York's tourism programs.

Persons invited to present pertinent testimony to the Committee at the above hearing should complete and return the enclosed reply form as soon as possible. It is important that the reply form be fully completed and returned so that persons may be notified in the event of emergency postponement or cancellation.

Oral testimony will be limited to 10 minutes duration. In preparing the order of witnesses, the Committee will attempt to accommodate individual requests to speak at particular times in view of special circumstances. These requests should be made on the attached reply form or communicated to Committee staff as early as possible.

Ten copies of any prepared testimony should be submitted at the hearing registration desk. The Committee would appreciate advance receipt of prepared statements.

In order to further publicize these hearings, please inform additional interested parties and organizations of the Committee's interest in receiving written testimony from any interested sources.

In order to meet the needs of those who may have a disability, the Assembly, in accordance with its policy of non-discrimination on the basis of disability, as well as the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), has made its facilities and services available to all individuals with disabilities. For individuals with disabilities, accommodations will be provided, upon reasonable request, to afford such individuals access and admission to Assembly facilities and activities.

Margaret Markey
Member of Assembly
Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development

  1. The programs of each agency under the Committee's jurisdiction and the budget related thereto.


Persons wishing to present testimony at the public hearing on the administration of Tourism, Arts, and Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation programs are requested to complete this reply form as soon as possible and mail, e-mail or fax it to:

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Legislative Committee Assistant
Assembly Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development
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E-mail: willsono@assembly.state.ny.us
Phone: (518) 455-4355
Fax: (518) 455-7250
I plan to attend the following public hearing on the administration of Tourism, Arts, and Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation programs to be conducted by the Assembly Committees on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development on December 17, 2014.
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