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Mission Statement for the Subcommittee for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

Functioning as a taskforce and subcommittee to the Governmental Operations Committee, the need to have a responsive taskforce to address and protect constituents is paramount more than ever. The Taskforce is implemented to provide seminars and training...

March 23, 2018
Assembly Member Jaime Williams Chairs Subcommittee on Emergency Response & Disaster Preparedness

Albany, New York – One need only look outside to realize that there is something awry with our climate and weather patterns. New York is experiencing its fourth Nor’easter within one month, mudslides are devastating the northern corridor of New York State,...

March 21, 2018
Assembly Member Jaime Williams Reminds Everyone to Be Safe and Cautious During the Impending Storm

With the impending storm, Assembly Member Jaime Williams, Chair of the Sub-Committee on Emergency Response/Disaster Preparedness, reminds everyone to be safe and cautious and only travel if necessary. Please be safe! March 20, 2018 – The New York...

March 21, 2018