Press Releases

Palumbo: Attorney General Selection Sheds Light on What Albany Could Be

Palumbo Not Surprised By Schneiderman Abuse Allegations

Palumbo Joins Assembly to Bring Power Back to Teachers

Palumbo Announces Narcan Training Opportunity

Palumbo Highlights Local Victories in the Budget

Palumbo Appalled at Gov.’s Decision to Allow Felons to Vote

Palumbo Happy With North Fork Victories

Palumbo and Assembly Minority Call On Governor to Act on School Safety

Palumbo Supports Plan To Reduce Property Taxes

Palumbo Announces Italian-American Scholarship

Palumbo Joins Colleagues to Fight Domestic Violence in Albany

Palumbo Shows Support for Minority Task Force Report on Preventing Domestic Violence

Palumbo Reacts To the Governor’s Budget Presentation

Palumbo Named To Farm Bureau’s “Circle Of Friends”

Palumbo Lashes Out At Governor for Economic Development Award Show

Palumbo Reminds North Fork Residents of New Westbound Train

Palumbo Critical of Governor’s New “On-Call Scheduling” Proposal

Palumbo Attends Paul Drum Pirates and Mermaids Fundraising Breakfast At Greenpoint Maritime Festival

Palumbo Joins Thiele and Sen. Lavalle to Declare September 16-23 as Estuaries Week in New York

End of Session