Press Releases

Assembly Majority’s Pro-Criminal Agenda Takes Precedence Over Ethics Reform and Affordability

Montesano: We Should Help Victims’ Voices Be Heard, Not Silence Them

Montesano: Double Track Project Ongoing Between Hicksville and Ronkonkoma

Assemblyman Montesano Supports I Love My Park Day

Montesano: Trying to Avoid Repercussions is Not Worth Risking Someone Else’s Life

Montesano: Avoiding Looking in the Mirror Won’t Make the Issues Go Away, Gov. Cuomo

Montesano: Driving While Intoxicated is Dangerous No Matter What You are Driving

Montesano: We Need to Help Improve Transportation Network Companies Outside of NYC

Montesano: Closing the LLC Loophole

Montesano: It is a Sad Day for New Yorkers

Montesano: LIRR Construction in South Farmingdale

Montesano: No Parent Should Have to Worry About Seeing Their Child Again When Putting Them on the School Bus

Schools Aren’t Winning the Lottery, They Need More Funds

Montesano: LIRR Construction from Ronkonkoma to Hicksville in the Beginning of March

Don’t Judge a Politician by His Tie: Montesano Pushes for Increased Funding in New York State Libraries

Montesano: LIRR Construction in Westbury at the End of February

Montesano: We are Not Above the Law

Montesano: No More Children Should Lose Their Lives for Wanting to Learn a New Hobby

Montesano: All New Yorkers Deserve a Safe and Healthy Home Environment

Montesano: Change Takes Time