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April 18, 2018
"What we have learned over the past number of years is that there is lead in the wiring and what it does, the lead makes it fire retardant, but it also makes the wires flexible. The difficulty is, especially when sun gets to it or overuse, the lead starts to pull away and people get it on their hands, so as they're decorating their trees and so on, and we have children doing this, they have lead on their trees," said Assemblywoman Sandra Galef, who authored legislation, passed by the Assembly today, that would require decorative lights sold in New York to have a label warning consumers that the product contains lead and reminds them to wash their hands after usage. (A.4345)

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Assemblywoman Galef discusses a bill she is introducing: A.1287. The bill lays out how Weschester and Putnam Counties can work with BOCES to consolidate school services and save taxpayers money, while keeping New York as competitive as possible with other states.