Press Releases

Dinowitz and Klein to State Senate: “Prioritize Schoolchildren, Not Speeding Drivers”

State Legislature Passes Critical Legislation Strengthening ‘Transit Lockbox’

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Statement on Rent Guidelines Board Rent Increase Decision

Statement from Assemblyman Dinowitz and Senator Kavanagh on Passage of Bill Requiring Contracts be written in Plain Language

Department of Sanitation Suspends Alternate Side As Con Edison Continues Gas Line Replacement Work

New York State Legislature Bans Smoking Near Libraries

Assemblyman Dinowitz Decries Efforts to End Merit-Based Admissions in Specialized High Schools

Statement from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz on Proposed Elimination of SHSAT Admission Standards at Specialized High Schools

Assemblymen Dinowitz and Gottfried Review State of Gestational Surrogacy in New York

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Passes Critical Legislation Strengthening ‘Transit Lockbox’

Assemblyman Dinowitz Renominates Chancellor Betty Rosa as Regent for the Bronx

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Joins Over 200 State Legislators United Against Offshore Oil Drilling

Predatory Tow Trucks on West 230th and Broadway

MTA Board Enacts Partial Second Transfer But More is Needed, Dinowitz Says

New Law Will Make it Easier for Public Employees to Detect Cancer Early

DOT Refuses to Install Needed Left Turn Signals

Assemblyman Dinowitz and State Senator Alcŕntara Pass Law to Combat Lead Poisoning

Assemblyman Dinowitz, Senator Peralta Close Loophole To Combat Spread Of Bedbugs

Assemblyman Dinowitz and Public Advocate James Decry Abysmal Conditions during Building Renovation

Reminder from Assemblyman Dinowitz: Before the Cold Weather Comes Everyone Needs to be Ready to Turn Up the ‘HEAP’!