Assemblyman Jeffrion L. Aubry
Jeffrion L. Aubry for the 35th A.D. of Queens County was elected to the New York State Assembly in a Special Election on January 3, 1992.

Assemblyman Aubry presently is the New York State Speaker Pro Tempore and member of the following committees: Ways and Means, Rules, Social Services and Governmental Employees. He also serves as a chairman of the Board of Justice Center, a national organization which provides technical assistance to states to develop data driven consensus supported criminal justice policies to reduce crime and decrease the cost of incarceration nationwide. Assemblyman Aubry is a member of the Council of State Governments and is a “Toll Fellow,” a distinguished association of state legislators from across the country.

Mr. Aubry serves as the new Chair of the New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus, member of the New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc., and a member of the New York State Assembly/Senate Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force. As a former Chairman of the Committee on Correction, Assemblyman Aubry successfully championed legislation enacted in 2009 that significantly reformed the Rockefeller Drug Laws in New York State by returning discretion to judges to sentence drug addicted offenders to treatment as an alternative to prison, and led the fight to ensure that prisoners suffering from serious mental illness receive needed treatment and are not confined under inhumane conditions through the enactment of the Special Housing Unit Exclusion Law. He has developed a series of efforts to advance several national and statewide issues. He has also raised money to advance the cause of bone marrow donor identification in the state of New York and passed legislation to allow employees to receive sick time if they choose to become a donor.

Assemblyman Aubry was the former Director of Economic Development for the Borough President’s Office of Queens. Mr. Aubry was the Queens representative to the Economic Development Corporation of the City of New York, Chairman of the Small Business Development Center’s Advisory Board at York College and has served on the District Management Association for all business improvement districts in Queens.

Assemblyman Aubry was formerly employed by Elmcor Youth and Adult Activities, a not-for-profit multi-service corporation, for sixteen years, and held various positions, including Executive Director. While at Elmcor, Mr. Aubry initiated new economic development, housing, and capital development programs. He also worked as a teacher in the New Mexico State Penitentiary for Eastern New Mexico University, as a consultant for Massand Associates, an engineering firm, and as the Director of the North Shore Fair Housing Center.

Assemblyman Aubry attended P.S. 92, Saint Gabriel School, Monsignor McClancy High School, Saint Augustines High School and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Santa Fe in 1969. He was inducted into the Elmcor Youth and Adult Activities Hall of Fame and received a Community Service Award from New York State Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus, Inc. He has also been honored with the East Elmhurst/Corona Civic Association Award, the Key Women Award, the Concerned Citizens Award, the Unit Citation from the LaGuardia Redevelopment Program of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Man of the Year Award from The Wheelchair Classic, the Congressional Award for Outstanding Leadership from the National Marrow Donor Program, the Martin Luther King Drum Major Justice Award, the Advocate for Justice Award, and was selected as the Toll Fellow from New York in 2000. He was also presented the Advocate for Justice Award, in recognition of his commitment to improving New York’s criminal justice system for women offenders in 2004. Mr. Aubry received the Outstanding Contribution to Legislation Award from the Criminal Justice Selection of the New York State Bar Association in 2005. In 2009, Assemblyman Aubry received The Justice Gerald Le Dain Award in the Field of Law at International Drug Policy Reform Conference in New Mexico, recognizing his leadership and tenacity in a successful effort to roll back draconian New York State drug laws. It is bestowed on those involved in the law who work within official institutions to challenge traditional drug war orthodoxy. He was also the recipient of The Award for Outstanding Legislative Leadership in the Cause for Justice from the Correctional Association of New York. In addition, Mr. Aubry received the Community Leadership Award from the Epilepsy Foundation and the National Alliance on Mental Illness/NYS Legislative Champion Award in 2013 as well as The John R. Dunne Champion of Justice Award from the Prisoner’s Legal Services in 2014.

In his former capacity as Chairman of the Correction Committee, Assemblyman Aubry has sponsored and passed numerous pieces of legislation designed to improve the outcome of the criminal justice system.

  • Prison Telephone Bill

    • A.3397B (2007)

      • Provides inmates with telephone services utilizing a prepaid or collect call system
      • Chapter 240 of 2007
  • Mental Health Services in Prison (SHU bill)

    • A.9342 (2007)

      • removes inmates with serious mental illness from segregated confinement and to establish residential mental health treatment units that provide for the treatment of such inmates consistent with their mental health needs Rockefeller Reform Legislation
      • Chapter 1 of 2007
  • Significant Labor Legislation

    • A.3493 (2010)

      • Ensures that employees of the OMH who work in prison mental health units receive the same immunity from civil damages as other state employees who work in prisons; civil actions cannot be brought in state court against any office of mental health officer or employee providing mental health services in a department of correctional services facility in his or her personal capacity for acts or omissions within the scope of employment. It is currently in Correction Committee.
    • A.10163 (2010)

      • Prime Sponsored by Assemblyman Heastie, Multi-Sponsored by Assemblyman Aubry
      • Establishes the wage theft prevention act.
      • Currently in the Labor Committee
    • A.3494 (2010)

      • Requires the commissioner of corrections to establish a staffing plan for all uniformed and non-uniformed employees; further requires adequate staffing at correctional facilities. It is currently in Correction Committee.
    • A.1470A (2010)

      • Prime Sponsored by Assemblyman Keith Wright; Co-Prime Sponsored by Assemblyman Jeffrion L. Aubry
      • Relates to provisions regarding domestic workers and such workers' employment regulations concerning hours of labor and wages, employment restrictions and employment contracts.
      • Passed the Assembly
  • Rockefeller Drug Law Reform

    • (2009)

      • A.4039

        • Permits civil and pretrial inmates to receive medical diagnosis and treatment in outside hospitals without a court order; repealed
        • Chapter 33 of 2009
      • A.4552A

        • Provides that unlawful solicitation of ground transportation at an airport shall be a class B misdemeanor
        • Chapter 481 of 2009
      • A.8521

        • Provides for notification between the department of corrections and the sentencing court as to erroneous sentences
        • Chapter 337 of 2009
    • (2008)

      • A.9340A

        • Makes a technical amendment relating to the probation detainer warrant pilot program
        • Chapter 16 of 2008
      • A.11721

        • Relates to issuance/entry of probation warrants, declarations of delinquency, court appearances for violations
        • Chapter 652 of 2008
    • (2007)

      • A.3286

        • Allows the board of parole to grant parole from an indeterminate sentence or release for deportation from a determinate sentence
        • Chapter 239 of 2007
    • (2006)

      • A.8370A

        • Expands sex offender internet posting; requires the division of criminal justice services to maintain a subdirectory of level two and three sex offenders
        • Chapter 106 of 2006
      • A.11550A

        • Establishes certain restrictions on scheduling any state mandated examinations on religious holidays
        • Chapter 276 of 2006
    • (2004)

      • A.11895

        • Makes comprehensive amendments to penalties for certain controlled substance offenses and further makes provisions relating to indeterminate sentences
        • To reform the sentencing structure of New York's drug laws to reduce prison terms for non-violent drug offenders, provide retroactive sentencing relief and make related drug law sentencing improvements.
        • The current indeterminate sentencing system for drug offenders would be changed to a determinate sentencing system which would provide lower sentences for non-violent drug offenders.
        • Chapter 738 of 2004

Standing Committee Assignments 2015: Ways and Means, Rules, Social Services and Governmental Employees