Press Releases

Assemblymember Taylor: Honoring the Life & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Assemblymember Taylor: In the Face of Rising Inequality, We Must Recommit to the War on Poverty

Assemblymember Taylor: Combatting Opioid Epidemic on All Fronts

Assemblymember Taylor: Minimum Wage Increase Lifts Up Working Families

Texas Federal Ruling on Affordable Care Act Takes Coverage Away From Millions

Assembly Passes Legislation to Protect Tenants And Strengthen Rent Regulations

Assemblymember Taylor: Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims Deserve to Have Voices Heard, See Justice Served

Assemblymember Taylor: Gender Pay Gap Holds Women Back

St. Nicholas Ave. Fire

161st Street Station Closing

Somos Budget Discussion

Assemblymember Taylor: When it Comes to Gun Violence, We Need More Than Thoughts and Prayers

Build the Block meeting Friday, March 23! Hope to see you there!

Assemblymember Taylor Votes to Keep the Dream Alive, Passes Bill to Help ‘Dreamers’ Attend College

Assemblymember Taylor Votes to Move the 2018 State Primary Date to Ensure All New Yorkers Can Vote

Assemblymember Taylor: Lavern’s Law Ensures More Patients Can Seek Justice

Assemblymember Taylor: We Must Always Keep the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alive

Assemblymember Taylor Committed To Creating Opportunity, Breaking Down Barriers as We Mark the War on Poverty Anniversary

Assemblymember Taylor: Federal Tax Scam is a Giveaway to the Rich at the Expense of Working Families

Assembly Member Taylor: Repealing Net Neutrality Puts Up More Barriers at a Time When We Should Be Removing Them