Statement on Citylights Rally at City Hall

July 17, 2018

“Over the last four years, I have advocated for a resolution to this very serious problem. Representatives from city and state agencies must come up with a solution to help the residents of Citylights. An 87% increase in the assessed value is simply unacceptable” said Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan. “NYS and the Queens West Development Corporation have proposed a possible resolution but New York City and the Department of Finance need to either support it or put forward their own proposal.”

"It is my understanding that the state and the city have proposed an individual tax abatement program for the residents of Citylights but the NYC Department of Finance has still not signed off on this proposal. In addition, we are still awaiting a further review of the excessive valuation of the building."

"I urge Mayor de Blasio and the NYC Department of Finance to act favorably so we can start to bring real relief to the co-op owners of Citylights. They have been treated unfairly, promises made when they first moved into Long Island City must be kept. Not resolving this hurts our community."

“As the elected representative of this district I stand totally and completely with my neighbors, the residents of Citylights and pledge all my efforts to resolving this unfortunate and unfair situation.” Nolan said.