Assembly Budget Proposal Would Strengthen Economy, Create Jobs, Improve Infrastructure

The economic recovery is still underway and it is important that we do all that we can to strengthen our local economy and create jobs for Central New York families. Included in the Assembly’s budget are a number of capital projects, a new jobs program and plans to create a more business-friendly environment in New York State.

The backbone of any industry is its workers. New York is working to become a leader in high-tech industries, and one of the biggest assets we can have to help us get there is a well-trained workforce. Included in the Assembly budget is $100 million for new job initiatives, including the reconstruction of communities, advanced manufacturing and certification assistance and education and job training for science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Training the hardworking members of our community will help them get the jobs they deserve so that Central New York can rise to the top.

Another effort we are making to promote job growth is through the hiring of workers to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. This is truly a win-win for Central New York. Investing in infrastructure projects and Central New York’s core industries, like manufacturing, creates jobs for our hardworking families, giving Central New York’s economy a boost. Additionally, repairing infrastructure makes our community a safer, more efficient place to live.

The Assembly budget proposal includes $200 million in new funding for the NY Works program. It also provides $31.2 million for capital projects and $1.25 million for a new Advanced Manufacturing Career Opportunity Revolving Loan Fund. This would assist individuals interested in pursuing careers in advanced manufacturing by providing them with low-interest loans to pay for training and to earn certification.

The Assembly budget proposal also includes Unemployment Insurance (UI) reform to make the UI fund solvent. Once implemented, employers will save $360.1 million annually. By making improvements to Unemployment Insurance, my hope and expectation is that it will lower costs for businesses and, again, spur job growth.

Last, but not least, the Assembly budget proposal includes $12.5 million for the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund and $500,000 for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Outreach and Technical Assistance. These loans will do big things for our small businesses by enabling them to grow and flourish, therefore creating even more good-paying jobs for Central New York.

We’ve accomplished a great deal in the Assembly budget, but there is still work to be done. Creating jobs in Central New York and improving our economy are my top priorities, and I will continue to fight to ensure these job creating measures make it into the state’s final budget.