Assemblyman Stirpe: Recycle Your E-Waste at Two Upcoming Collection Events

Proper recycling of old electronics will drastically reduce our impact on the environment

Recycling has long been an effective method of reducing the negative impact we have on the environment. Although many people are familiar with recycling cans, bottles and other materials, there are other recyclable items we interact with on a daily basis that, if not properly dealt with, can cause serious problems for the environment. Chances are that today, you’ve probably used a cellphone, watched television, used a computer or listened to music on an MP3 player. All of these common electronics contain hazardous materials that, while safe when in use, can cause irreversible damage to our landfills and water supply if they aren’t properly disposed of. That’s why I’m hosting two e-waste recycling events in the region, to allow you to drop off any old or unwanted electronics to ensure they are properly handled and recycled. These events are free to the public and will take place:

  • Saturday, May 17th 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
    Fayetteville Towne Center (Rear parking lot)
    102 Towne Drive
    Fayetteville, NY 13066
  • Saturday, June 21st 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
    Great Northern Mall
    4155 Route 31
    Clay, NY 13041
Sunnking, an electronics recycling facility registered with the Department of Environmental Conservation, will be on hand to take any of the old electronics you want to get rid of and provide a safe, environmentally friendly means of recycling them. With your help, they can continue to provide a valuable service to our community. Acceptable electronics include computers, printers, ink cartridges, computer accessories, televisions, cellphones, chargers and many other materials. For a complete list of what can be recycled, visit Sunnking’s website at I’ve always felt our state’s beautiful, natural landscapes are worth preserving. Materials in our electronics, such as lead, cadmium, nickel, zinc and many threaten our environment, potentially causing irreversible damage to our land and waterways. As our technology continues to evolve, more and more of the electronics we own are becoming obsolete. All of these excess materials will only cause more e-waste if we don’t properly dispose of, recycle and reuse them. Together, we can be an example of what an environmentally responsible community does when faced with a challenge such as this. Let’s work to protect our environment and ensure we leave a healthy, sustainable future for our children. For more information on these events, or any other community issue, please contact my office at 315-452-1115, or email me at