2018 Community Survey

February 1, 2018

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The State Department of Transportation recently announced results of an independent study, which estimated the cost of the 1-81 Tunnel option, as compared to the Community Grid and the Rebuild Viaduct option. With more information now available, which option do you prefer? (Check one)

The Governor has proposed the elimination of cash bail in New York due to the argument that bail discriminates against those with lesser financial means, in violation of the principle of “Innocent until proven guilty.” Currently, a person charged with a crime who is unable to post bail can be held in jail for months or even years awaiting trial for their charges. Do you support changes to the bail system? (Check one)

Voting reforms may be on the agenda this session. Which reforms would you support? (Check all that apply)

As part of the effort to reduce waste and redundancy in local government, last year’s state budget established county-wide shared services panels, bringing together local leaders to discuss areas for improved cooperation or consolidation. This year, the governor proposes making these panels permanent. Do you support the goals of the panels? (Check one)

New York State faces a fiscal deficit this year and will likely face similar challenges in the years ahead due to changes in federal tax policy and funding. What is the best way to address these shortfalls? (Check all that apply)

While new ethics changes became law last year, there is more to be done. Which of the following proposals do you support? (Check all that apply)

Which of the following do you think are the top priorities for the district? (Check all that apply)

Property taxes continue to be a top concern for area residents. What steps should we take to reduce local property taxes? (Check all that apply)

Additional ideas, comments, concerns