2019 Community Survey
November 26, 2019

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The State DOT has indicated a preference for the Community Grid solution for the I-81 project, which I have supported due to its future benefit for the city of Syracuse and entire region. Certain private interests continue to fight this decision in court. Please share your thoughts on where we go from here:

Many school districts have opted to hire police or private security as School Resource Officers to improve school safety, often at significant cost. Under current law there are many hurdles to hiring retired police officers. I have authored legislation that will create a standard training and licensing program that will eliminate hurdles for retired police officers with strong community policing records who want to become SROs and enable districts to hire these officers, often at a reduced cost. Please share your thoughts on this matter:

There are many unfilled jobs in the Syracuse area, often at manufacturing facilities in the suburbs. I have supported training programs to prepare residents for these jobs, but some lack reliable transportation to get to places of employment. What should we do to address this challenge:

In recent years, New York State has been inching closer to possible legalization of Marijuana for recreational adult use. Please share your thoughts on what the state should do on this matter:

New York State faces a fiscal deficit this year due to Federal cuts in Medicaid support. What is the best way to address this shortfall? (Select all that apply)

We have invested in securing our schools. Yet, on Election Day, schools that serve as polling places are open to the public. I have authored legislation that would require all schools to be closed for students on Election Day, encouraging districts to have a Superintendents Day, a teacher training day, or to close entirely on Election Day. Some school districts already do this. Please share your thoughts on this matter:

Which of the following do you think is the top priority for the district?

Property taxes continue to be a top concern for area residents. What steps should we take to reduce local property taxes? (Check all that apply)