Beephan Addresses Impending Migrant Crisis in Hudson Valley

Editor’s Note: The Assemblyman’s letter to NYC Mayor Eric Adams can be read here.

Assemblyman Anil Beephan, Jr. (R,C-East Fishkill) held an important meeting this week with Rep. Marc Molinaro to discuss the impending migrant crisis the Hudson Valley is facing. Joined by Fishkill Councilman Carmine Istvan and retired police officer and public safety advocate Robert Faust, the group expressed concerns regarding their district, which is home to numerous hotels, and is at risk of being a destination for migrant caravans sent up by New York City’s government. Beephan has committed to supporting all counties throughout the Hudson Valley to prevent this brazen act of aggression by New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

“As an elected official, my top priority is the safety and security of the community I serve and cherish,” Beephan said. “I recognize this problem is bigger than a state government issue, so I have pushed for cooperation from the federal government and their representatives more directly to ensure the voices of my constituents are heard and their needs are met. I’m grateful for the support and partnership of Congressman Molinaro and the multiple other state and federal representatives helping us address this pressing issue. Together, I believe we can protect the community and build a brighter future for the Hudson Valley.”

In addition to the meeting, Beephan sent a letter to Mayor Adams with other Hudson Valley Assembly members expressing their support of impacted county executives as they take action to protect their communities from the unwanted migrant orders coming from New York City. The letter emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of constituents and the commitment to fight for their rights and protection in the Hudson Valley.

“This problem requires a coordinated, multi-faceted approach that New York City did not consider, and has put the rest of the state on the backfoot to deal with the problem. For the time being, I’m encouraging all residents to stay informed and stay vigilant during these challenging times. I will keep the community updated when I hear news and will continue my work to ensure this community remains safe and prosperous for all,” Beephan concluded.