Manktelow Response to the State of the State

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I-Lyons)

“Something that really piqued my interest was the governor’s vow to bring more transparency to our government and end the practice of three men in a room. If she really wants to end this, I am curious to see if she will start including representatives from the Minority conferences in budget negotiations and other important discussions this year. In regard to the current health care crisis, which she has only added to, she offered no immediate solutions to help our struggling health care workers. Instead, to fill in the gap, she wants to bring in people from outside of New York, rather than working with providers to find an in-state solution.

“Instead of reducing regulations, mandates and government oversight, as well as revamping workman’s compensation, she is proposing new tax credits which won’t always be beneficial to those who are struggling to stay in business. Lastly, once again, rural communities, especially ones like those in the 130th Assembly District, were left out, and the focus was mainly on how to improve major cities.”