Manktelow Pushes to Get Back to Law and Order

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I-Lyons)

“Earlier today, I joined my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate Minorities to call upon the governor to repeal the state’s failing bail reform laws. With rising crime rates, it is clear that current anti-crime measures are not working. People are becoming the victims of preventable crimes and criminals are getting away with little repercussions for their behavior. Letting people back out onto the streets with no support does nothing to help keep them out of the criminal lifestyle. We need to think long term. We need to give discretion back to the prosecutors, better utilize support programs for offenders and allow law enforcement to do their job as they were trained to do. Our state is going in the wrong direction with dangerous laws masquerades as ‘reforms.’ We must do the right thing to protect all of New York by getting back to law and order.”