Manktelow Disappointed in Farm Laborers Wage Board Decision

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I-Lyons)

“The result of the Farm Laborers Wage Board is the epitome of what is wrong with Albany bureaucrats. Despite financial reports and hours of testimony demonstrating true accounts of how lowering the overtime threshold has been a burden onto both farms and farmers alike, the wage board implemented policy that will further smother the industry. By a 2-1vote, the board stifled the voice of roughly 70 percent of participates in the public hearings who voiced their support to keep the 60-hour threshold. This vote continues their tone-deaf approach of over-legislating the rural parts of our state.This will only further drive out the existence of long-standing local farms, which are vital to our economy. The decision of the wage board was short-sighted and a continuation of the Majority’s goal to regulate every corner of our state.”