Manktelow Votes to Shoot Down More Gun Control

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Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I,Ref-Lyons) adamantly opposes a majority of the bills to increase gun control in New York being presented to the Assembly this Legislative Session. A bill (A.2689) which Manktelow finds alarming, also known as the “Red Flag” bill, was passed in the Assembly yesterday. This bill would allow someone to report a person as a danger to their self or others resulting in that person’s firearms being seized with a hearing being held up to 6 days later to determine the return of the person’s firearms.

“While enacting extreme risk protection orders is designed to help protect people who are supposedly a danger to themselves or others, by the time law enforcement officers go to seize a person’s firearms it may already be too late,” said Manktelow. “We are doing nothing to help these people during the time it takes to get this order in place, nor are we doing anything to help them during the three-to-six day period while they wait for a hearing. In that time a person can find another way to hurt themselves or others. There are just too many holes in a majority of these bills, and we are getting little to no answers as to how they are to be fixed.”

Manktelow voted against all of the proposed gun control bills brought to the Assembly floor yesterday, with the exception being a bill (A.1213) which would allow the investigation of the mental health of out of state residents who apply for pistol permits in New York.