Assemblyman Manktelow Says NY Farmworker Bill Would Interfere With Agriculture Production and Create Hardship

New York farmers already treat their workers with respect and dignity; bill would put undue demands on farmers as well as employees

This Tuesday afternoon in Albany there was a public hearing/round table discussion on the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act. At the table there were representatives who had diverse opinions about this act.

There were also eight farmers around the table, including Manktelow, who testified about what they do for workers on their farms back home. They spoke about providing housing, utilities, transportation and access to healthcare as well as other benefits. There were also two farmworkers who had worked on a dairy farm and through a translator, talked about their experiences.

Several members of the AFL-CIO were at the table and gave their prospective as well. There were many other groups present with many opinions. Manktelow said it was good to listen to all of the comments and different positions representing the pros and the cons of this act. The hearing took four hours; everyone was heard.

“As someone who is highly experienced with the issues of farmworker labor, my firm belief that at the end of the day the farmworkers in New York State are already greatly valued and treated with true respect from their employers,” Manktelow said. “I will do everything in my power to convey that message in Albany. We do not need a bill that would bring more interference to our agricultural business owners who already show fairness and respect to the people they count on to cultivate their crops and run their operations.”