Manktelow Opposes Driver’s Licenses’ for Illegal Immigrants

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Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I,Ref-Lyons) opposed the bill (A.3675) to amend the vehicle and traffic law to allow for the issuance of driver’s licenses and learner’s permits for illegal immigrants. Such licenses would be similar to a regular license but state on the front that it is not an acceptable form of federal identification.

“This proposal to use taxpayer dollars to provide a luxury such as a driver’s license to illegal immigrants is extremely frustrating,” said Manktelow. “I understand the desire to help people but we should not be implementing a law and spending tax-payer dollars to help those who broke the law by being in this country illegally. This also opens a whole can of worms in that it leaves us vulnerable to voter fraud and puts the safety of police officer’s in jeopardy. We are doing this backwards, providing all of these privileges normally accessible to citizens to illegal immigrants. Instead, we should be helping these illegal immigrants to become legal residents or citizens so they have access to all that the American dream has to offer.”

“It is my opinion that Assembly Bill A.3675, which allows for the issuance of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, would create a risk to public safety and national security for the citizens of New York State,” said Mike Jankowski, Wayne County Clerk. “Placing the citizens of New York State at risk for a few dollars in revenue is deeply disturbing.”