Manktelow, Helming Disheartened IJC Not Interested in Making Immediate Changes to Plan that is Drowning Lake Ontario Shoreline Communities

“This afternoon, I joined with national, state and local representatives from Wayne, Cayuga and Oswego counties for a roundtable discussion with three members from the International Joint Commission in Oswego. Two were from the U.S. and one was from Canada,” said Assemblyman Brian Mantelow

“I am extremely disheartened to say that after this roundtable, it is doubtful that the IJC is going to make any meaningful changes to Plan 2014 for Lake Ontario in the near future. This is in spite of the overwhelming evidence that the high water we’ve experienced, that this high water is drowning the lakeshore communities, businesses and others who have heavily invested in these local economies.

“It seems not to matter that the IJC is seeing the devastation of our growing underwater world first hand; the ruined homes, public parks and marinas that are being damaged unnecessarily. The high water is also creating the potential for danger for those who use the lake for recreation.

“During the meeting, I told the IJC members that we know who the losers are, these communities and the New York State taxpayers who are having to fund the relief being offered to those who have suffered damage. I asked who the winners were, and these IJC members did not answer my question, making evasive comments but offering no concrete basis as to why Plan 2014 must continue without any mitigation. “I am working hard against this plan, joining with Sen. Pam Helming, who could not make this IJC meeting. Here is what she had to say when I reached out to her.

Senator Pam Helming said: "The IJC needs to take accountability for the impact of Plan 2014 on lakeshores, small businesses and homeowners. Assemblyman Manktelow and I will continue to fight for our local communities and the residents who have been devastated by Plan 2014. Now more than ever, we need to make our voices heard and send a loud and clear message to Washington that this plan must be repealed.”

“We will continue to pressure our federal representatives on this and we are looking at the appropriate federal agencies that might also offer us assistance. We will to copy in the White House on our correspondence,” said Mantelow.

“On the advice of Congressman John Katko, we are also alerting Governor Cuomo that he must ask the Federal Emergency Management Agency to prepare itself to provide assistance, as it did after the 2017 flooding. These homeowners and business should have their requests for assistance addressed in a timely manner to clean up the damage this manmade mess is causing.”