The NYS Budget: Riddled with Policy and Cuts to Schools & Medical Field

A statement from Assemblyman Brian Manktelow (R,C,I,Ref-Lyons)

“Quite frankly, this year’s budget is pretty disappointing. Given the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak, we don’t know what the revenue is going to look like. That’s why I think we should have just done a bare-bones budget, not one riddled with policy, to help get New York by in this difficult time. Better yet, we should have passed an extender so we could have come back at a later, and safer, date, so we have more information on how our state is going to handle the current pandemic. I am also greatly disappointed that amid this crisis, we passed cuts to libraries, provided no new funding to schools while not doing nearly enough for first responders, those working hard in our hospitals, and those in the medical field in general. This was especially needed now more than ever.”